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Anti-Piracy Protection

Protect your brand or business against Pirates, Cyber squatters and more online threats by signing up for our Anti-Piracy Protection service.

Anti-Piracy Protection Onsist
Ebook Anti-Piracy Onsist

eBook Piracy

Digital magazines, ebooks and other premium textual products have been targeted by pirates frequently. In fact, 34% of college students in the USA have downloaded course materials illegally.

Software Anti-Piracy Onsist

Software Piracy

$46.3 billion is the commercial value of unlicensed software globally. Software Piracy is still undeniably a threat to brands and businesses. Video, Audio and Photo editing software are among popular software ripped.

Video Anti-Piracy Onsist

Video Piracy

A substantial issue concerning the film industry is the illegal streaming and sharing of their content. There’s thousands of different sites and streaming services that offer movies without charge.

The effects of piracy on your brand

How does online piracy affect your business' revenue and performance?


Your suppliers might distrust you since they too are losing income due to your content being illegally downloaded. Consumers might lose trust considering they can download premium products for free.

Lost Revenue

A clear and negative impact of online piracy is a decrease in your revenue stream. Pirates will share and download your content for free, thus no income for your business.

Brand Image

A further potential headache is that of your brand image. When digital pirates have a free pass to your content, your image and exclusivity will be altered. anti piracy protection puts an end to this.

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Piracy Facts & Figures

Online Piracy has been a threat for a while, and it doesn't show signs of stopping.

40 %

of Software Installed on PC’s is Pirated

24 %

of the Internet is Used to Download Illegal Content

4.2 Billion

Pages are Generated by Video-Streaming Sites

191 Billion

Visits had been Made to Piracy Websites in 2016

Our Anti-Piracy Security Plans

Onsist has a straight-forward anti piracy protection method of countering and managing internet piracy.
It always gets the job done and sends out a strong warning to pirates and illegal downloaders.

Basic Anti-Piracy Plan

Medium Piracy Levels
$ 169 per month

(ex. VAT)

  • Automated Search & Takedown Only
  • 50 Keywords
  • Unlimited Takedowns
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Full Support
  • Weekly Piracy Reports

Premium Anti-Piracy Plan

High Piracy Levels
$ 249 per month

(ex. VAT)

  • Automated Search Engine
  • 1 Personal Agent Hour per Week
  • Search Engine Takedowns (Google, Bing)
  • 100 Keywords
  • Unlimited Takedowns
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Full Support
  • Weekly Piracy Reports

Personal Agents for the Best Results

We go beyond search engines at our anti-piracy company to conduct manual searches in addition to search engine checks. Our professionals seek out, detect and remove illegally duplicated copyrighted material. A combination of machine expertise and human competency ensures a clean sweep of all pirated content.

We Delete Search Engine Results

We monitor search results pertaining to your content for legality, and have all pirated copies removed by taking the matter up with the concerned search engine.

Anti-Piracy Service Google


Anti-Piracy Service Google


Anti-Piracy Service Yandex


99 Percent Download Removal Rate
100 Percent Search Removal Rate

Why our Anti-Piracy Protection?

We're here to protect your intellectual property against the likes of digital piracy. Find out why you should use our Anti-Piracy Protection services.


We have been safeguarding brands and businesses for a multitude of years now. We’ve been learning and improving ever since – this is what gives us our rich experience as an anti-piracy company.


We pride ourselves on our efficient and effective Anti-Piracy security. 99% of the downloads we find and report will be deleted, and 100% of the search engine results we report are removed.


It doesn’t matter if your major brand or a small business: we will find a solution to your problems. By using our search engine combined with professional agents we can always find a custom solution.

Are fraudsters counterfeiting your products?

Stop losing your valuable revenue

Right now, a rogue site could be selling your counterfeited products. Someone may be swapping your professional photographs without your consent. Your company’s music album or adult videos could be up for sale as DVDs on a Chinese ecommerce site. Piracy is a billion dollar industry and an inescapable reality that needs to be dealt with a firm hand.

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Let us help you protect your content online and retain your revenue with our Anti-Piracy services.

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