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Mobile Application Protection

The mobile app marketplace is under attack from counterfeiters. Protect yourself with our Mobile Application Protection.

Mobile Application Protection

Piracy on mobile phones

Find out why you need to protect your app with our Mobile Application Protection solution.

Software Anti-Piracy Onsist

Music Piracy

One of the uses of illegal applications is that of Music Piracy. Digital pirates will make illegal music ripping applications that can illegally obtain copyrighted music from services such as YouTube.

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Game Piracy

Mobile Game Applications are another popular target for pirates. It was calculated that 90-95 percent of games on Android devices have been pirated and obtained illegally.

Malware Piracy Protection Onsist


The most malicious use of mobile application piracy is that of malware. Illegal applications can contain a virus, spy-ware, worms or other damaging software.

The effects of pirated mobile applications

How do pirated mobile applications affect your business' revenue and performance?


Identical or cloned apps, company images or logos bring down the value of your brand online. Apps that are illegally using your trademarks to steal Internet traffic and deceive customers.

Rogue Apps

App malware that is used to attract consumers, is infringing upon your intellectual property, but also upon others’ personal property and creates a negative experience for users.


Fake apps can steal personal information from your customers, including financial data and everything in between. This will lead to a breach in your customers trust.

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Mobile application piracy in numbers

The pirating of mobile application has been significant for a while now.

90 %

of games on Android phones are pirated

5 %

of Monument Valley (Game) is downloaded legally

75 %

of free iOS apps have been hacked

4 Billion

Dollars is being missed out on because of piracy

Combating mobile application piracy

Our mobile app protection service monitors the internet for pirated apps based around your proprietary application.

Comprehensive Searches

Our App Protection service identifies potentially infringing apps by scanning a wide variety of mobile app stores on a global basis, including third-party app stores.

Reversed Image Searches

Detects unauthorized use of copyrighted images and logos to identify non-compliant third-party developers or detect cases of malicious infringement.

Case Analyst

Potential infringing apps will be investigated by professional analysts for containing infringing content and/or phishing. Once the analyst has found and confirmed phishing and/or copyright or trademark infringement, evidence will be gathered in an evidence report.


Evidence reports that are created by one of our professional analysts are used to report infringing apps to app stores which will result in removal of the infringing apps.

Personal agents for the best results

We go beyond search engines to conduct manual searches in addition to search engine checks. Our professionals seek out, detect and remove illegally duplicated copyrighted material. A combination of machine expertise and human competency ensures a clean sweep of all pirated content.

We delete search engine results

We monitor search results pertaining to your content for legality, and have all pirated copies removed by taking the matter up with the concerned search engine.

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Anti-Piracy Service Google


Anti-Piracy Service Yandex


Why our choose our mobile application protection?

We're here to protect your intellectual property against the likes of digital piracy.
Find out why you should use our Mobile Application Protection services.


We have been safeguarding brands, businesses and applications for a multitude of years now. We’ve been learning and improving ever since – this is what gives us our rich experience in Mobile Application Protection.


We pride ourselves on our efficient and effective Mobile Application Protection services. 99% of the downloads we find and report will be deleted, and 100% of the search engine results we report are removed.


It doesn’t matter if your major brand or a small business: we will find a solution to your problems. By using our search engine combined with professional agents we can always find a custom solution.

Are fraudsters counterfeiting your products?

Stop losing your valuable revenue

Right now, a rogue site could be selling your counterfeited products. Someone may be swapping your professional photographs without your consent. Your company’s music album or adult videos could be up for sale as DVDs on a Chinese ecommerce site. Piracy is a billion dollar industry and an inescapable reality that needs to be dealt with a firm hand.

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