YouTube DMCA

  • Your content is illegally being shared on YouTube

    You are a content creator who creates intellectual property such as videos, music, photos or eBooks. You might sell this content to make some money. After a while you find out that your content is illegally being uploaded to YouTube. This might result in potential clients not buying your product, and therefore you lose revenue. Sending out a YouTube DMCA report might solve the problem.

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Different forms of YouTube DMCA Infringements

There are many different ways of infringement on YouTube. Your film or music might have directly been uploaded to YouTube. Your eBooks or software can be featured in an illegal video with an outbound link, which leads you to an illegal download of your product. Some YouTubers might even use your content in a compilation without the creator’s approval. We can help you by sending out YouTube DMCA reports to infringing parties, and getting them to take down those videos.

1. Illegal Videos


2. Illegal Music


3. Download Links in Videos or Descriptions


4. Content in Compilations


How can we help you with a YouTube DMCA report?

Are you a content creator that is experiencing the illegal sharing of your content on YouTube? Do you not know how to file a YouTube DMCA report? Or do you want to outsource this task to professionals who will check for illegal copies of your work 24/7? Our Anti-Piracy Approach can help you out. Our state-of-the-art search engine crawls YouTube and the internet seven days a week, looking for illegal and pirated versions of your content.

    • Search Engine
      Our Search Engine will crawl the internet 24 hours and 7 days a week
    • Detect
      The Search Engine will detect any illegal copies of your work
    • YouTube DMCA Report
      Once detected, we will sent out DMCA reports to YouTube
    • Counter Notice
      If a false counter notice pops up, we will take care of it.
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A personal agent will help you out

Our premium Anti-Piracy approach also includes one additional agent hour per week. This means that an Onsist agent will manually scan YouTube and the internet for illegal copies of your work. This agent will find content that our search engine might not have picked up on. Once illegal content is located, our agents will sent out YouTube DMCA reports to take down any infringing videos. In our experience, a personal agent will significantly increase the amount of illegal videos and download links found.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about our Anti-Piracy Approach and how we can help you out with a YouTube DMCA report? Visit our anti-piracy solutions page. Are you a content creator and will you like to try out our services? Sign up for a 7-day free trial.