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WordPress Piracy Protection

Protect your themes and plugins.

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Are you a web designer that creates plugins and themes and sells them on platforms like Themeforest? We can protect your content from being downloaded illegally.

WordPress Piracy Protection Onsist

WordPress Piracy Protection by Onsist

Stop losing valuable revenue to digital pirates who download, null and crack your precious themes and plugins illegally. Onsist offers a helping hand in safeguarding your content against WordPress Piracy.

We offer a WordPress Anti-Piracy Protection plan that will help you safeguard your income stream. Our automated search engine combined with our Onsist agents will detect, report and delete illegally shared versions of your WordPress themes.

Anti-Piracy Protection

WordPress Piracy in Numbers

The downloading, cracking and sharing of WordPress themes is big threat to web designers and other digital creators. How are WordPress plugins pirated?

25 File-Lockers
50 Torrents
75 Nulled Versions
100 Illegal Reselling

We protect your themes and plugins

Our WordPress Anti-Piracy Approach can help you out. Our state-of-the-art search engine crawls the internet seven days a week, looking for illegal, nulled and pirated versions of your WordPress themes and plugins.


The Search Engine will detect any illegal copies of your themes and/or plugins.

Automated Search Engine

Our Search Engine will crawl the internet 24 hours and 7 days a week

DMCA Takedown Notices

Once detected, we will sent out takedown notices as to get illegal content to be deleted.

Deleted Themes & Plugins

When illegal WordPress themes and plugins have been deleted, they will be uploaded to your client portal.

A personal agent will help you out

Our premium Anti-Piracy approach also includes one additional agent hour per week. This means that an Onsist agent will manually scan Google and the internet for illegal copies of your themes and plugins. This agent will find content that our search engine might not have picked up on. Once illegal content is located, our agents will send out takedown notices to take down any infringing WordPress themes or plugins.

What can we help you with?

Let us help you protect your WordPress themes and plugins.

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