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Financial Fraud Monitoring

Monitor for leaked financial data and pro actively seek out fraud
with our financial fraud monitoring service.

Why you should monitor for financial fraud


Bank Templates

The dark web is filled with people offering templates of bank emails and pages to use for scamming and phishing practices.


Customer Data

Leaked costumer data such as profiles, emails and passwords can have serious consequences for your client and his account.


Leaked IIN/BIN

Stolen credit card credentials are sold on dark web marketplaces for anyone to buy. Monitor for IIN & BIN to deactivate these fraud cards. 

Where do we monitor for you

Breached Data
Dark & Deep
Web Sites
Dark Web
Dark & Deep
Web Forums
Social Media &

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How do we help you?

Financial Fraud Monitoring


Financial Fraud Monitoring 


Reporting results to you

Financial Fraud Monitoring Reporting
Financial Fraud Monitoring Take Action

Take Action

Take action on the received data

Start monitoring the dark web

Monitor the dark web with financial fraud monitoring
and stop fraud from affecting your business.

Free Financial Fraud Analysis

Monitor the dark and deep web for breached financial data and frauds.