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Executive Protection

Monitor the dark and deep web for active or planned cyber threats regarding your executive

How executive protection benefits your brand


Find Data Breaches

Monitor for data breaches on the dark and deep web, and be able to detect leaks of your executive’s data when they happen.


Monitor for Threats

Physical addresses of your executive’s home or other locations can also leak on the web. Monitor for these leaks and get notified.



The executive’s secretaries are also prime target for cyber criminals. Monitor for potential breached data of your secretary and get notifed.

Where do we monitor

Social Media
Deep Web
Dark Web Forums
Dark Web Sites
Data Breaches

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How do we help you?

Dark web monitoring tools

Find Threats

Monitor for active and planned threats

Report Findings

Results will be reported to you

Executive Protection Reporting
Executive Protection Take Action

Take Action

Take action based on the findings

Free Executive Protection Analysis

Monitor for breached data and take action to protect your executive.