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Data Breach Monitoring

Monitor for leaked data and breaches of your brand or client base on the dark and deep web

Why should you monitor for data breaches?


Protect Clients

Protect your clients by monitoring for data breaches to inform them of leaks when they happen, so they can take immediate action.


Pro Active

Data breach monitoring is a pro active way of protecting your brand and client base. Find out about breaches when they happen.


Sensitive Data

Leaked corporate data can give anyone access to your business’ sensitive documents and data. Be there in time when leaks happen.

Where we monitor for you

Breached Data Repositories
Dark & Deep
Web Sites
Dark Web
Dark & Deep
Web Forums

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How do we help you?

Data Breach Monitoring Finding


Advanced automated dark web monitoring 


Reporting leaked data results to you

Data Breach Monitoring Informing copy
Data Breach Monitoring Reporting copy


Act on the data breach findings

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