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Threat Intelligence

Bolster your Cyber Security and gather threat intelligence 

from the Dark & Deep Web.

Up your Cyber Security
by Monitoring the Dark Web

Detect dark web threats, pick up on attackers and their intentions, and avert future attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor and look for online threats that are hiding on hidden sources such as data breach archives, illegitimate and illegal forums, and dark web marketplaces. Find out about groups that are targeting your brand, business or person and why they are doing it. Be right there when compromised data is leaked, take action and prevent future attacks.

Identify: Executive threats – Location-based activity – Fraud and counterfeit – Threats against the brand – Physical incidents – Data breaches – Weak security points – Threat actors – Online extremist groups – Phishing scams – Digital risks – Foreign security threats

Monitoring 24/7

With Onsist's Threat Intelligence and Dark Web Monitoring services, your team will be able to monitor the deep and dark web 24/7. Whenever a new threat or leak has been identified, you will get notified.

Monitor for: Hidden marketplaces – Facilities security – Disasters and public crises – Active threats – Illicit forums – Radicalization and hate speech

Our Sources

Gather your threat intelligence from dark web sources such as breached data, marketplaces, deep web channels and many more assets.

Dark Web

Dark Web Browsers, Sites, Marketplaces and more.

Deep Web

Discord, Websites, Whatsapp and more.


Telegram, Reddit, Gab, 4chan, 8kun and more.


Paste sites such as Pastebin, DeepPaste, etc.

Breach Repositories

Databases of Leaked Data Repositories

Sector & Industry Solutions

Threat intelligence and dark web monitoring benefits a wide selection of sectors and industries.

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Banking &

Retail Security



How does it work

How does dark & deep web monitoring work? 

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Credit Card Fraud, Executive Protection...

Dark web monitoring can be used to gather intelligence on many other cyber threats. Do you want to know if your case can be covered? Contact us.