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Threat Intelligence Solutions

Bolster your cyber security and threat intelligence management; gather data from the dark and deep web.

Onsist's Threat Intelligence Solutions

We are one of several threat intelligence providers, and offers multiple solutions.

Monitor the dark web for data breaches, dumps, marketplaces and more.

Monitor specifically for data breaches of your organization, and improve your cyber security.

Our explore one of our other dark web threat intelligence solutions.

Threat Intelligence Monitoring

Monitor the Dark Web

Monitor the deep and dark web, and detect active & planned threats, monitor for breached data, and avert future attacks and security issues. We offer complete threat intelligence solutions.

Monitor for Data Breaches

Monitor and look for online threats that are hiding in hidden sources such as data breach archives, illegitimate and illegal forums, and dark web marketplaces. Onsist can help your team with their threat intelligence management.

Threat Intelligence Dark Web Monitoring
Threat Intelligence Cyber Security

Threat Intelligence 24/7

With Onsist's Threat Intelligence Solutions and Dark Web Monitoring services, your team will be able to do dark and deep web monitoring 24/7. When a new threat or leak is identified, you will get notified.

Our Threat Intelligence Sources

Dark Web Forums

We monitor dark web forums for all sorts of data such as breaches.

Dark Web Markets

Dark Web Marketplaces are monitored 24/7 for your valuable data.


Our Threat Intelligence Management system tracks Twitter.

Credit Cards

Monitor for your (clients') leaked credentials with our solutions.

Data Breaches

Our solutions looks for databases of leaked data repositories

Data Dumps

Paste sites such as Pastebin, DeepPaste, etc.

*Our Threat Intelligence Solutions also look for Global News and Whois Data.

Threat Intelligence Services

Monitor the Dark & Deep
Web for your stolen data

Deep and dark web monitoring for breached data, marketplaces, forums and more. Always know what people are saying and sharing about your brand in the darkest corners of the web.

Starting from 99,-

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How does dark & deep web monitoring work? What can I do with your threat intelligence solutions? 

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