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As a company that provides digital products to a global clientele, we at Wintercroft consider the unique and thoroughly effective services of Onsist essential. It is a streamlined service that is vital to the protection of our business round the clock. Running an international business with digital products and presentation presents unique and complicated problems – particularly for a small team. Without assistance locating and removing infringing content, things can go from chaotic to catastrophic very quickly. Onsist deals with this content swiftly and prevents small issues from escalating. Onsist is a vitally important part of our business.

Agent 3
Wintercroft Design Limited

Onsist is an amazingly simple solution to piracy in the internet age. They monitor everything for you and send you a list of the content they have removed each week. They also keep you apprised of shared passwords and any other possible breeches. In the rare case you happen to stumble upon any shared content yourself, rather than typing up a lengthy DMCA notice, just send them the link and they will do it all for you. It truly makes piracy an after thought for producers, salvaging lost revenue, and allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Kitsch Productions

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We have been using Onsist for half a year and we couldn’t be happier with their service. Before approaching Onsist we were trying to deal with take downs ourselves. It was a nightmare. The shear number of sites with links to our game made the process overwhelming. After contacting Onsist the pain has gone away. They’ve found the links for us and issued the takedowns and we don’t have to think about it. And, on top of that, they have been professional and pleasant to deal with. It’s been a relief.

Miriam Bellard
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As an Mfc model, I have an immeasurable amount of my copyrighted material continuously posted on the internet. Before I found Onsist, I spent countless hours attempting to have my material removed myself and had very little success. Within one week of hiring Onsist to handle this task, I saw an immediate difference in the volume of my material on the internet. I have been using Onsist for several months and I plan to maintain my relationship with them for years to come. They are incredibly efficient, thorough, and trustworthy. They pursue even the toughest tasks until they succeed. I’m always impressed with the detailed weekly report they provide. Not to mention, they maintain an open line of communication that can’t be beat. I truly appreciate the impeccable work ethic and professionalism of Onsist. I’m beyond grateful for the positive impact they have made and highly recommend them to fellow mfc models and anyone interested in having their copyrighted material removed.

MyFreeCams Model
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