Stopping your WordPress themes from being nulled and pirated

At Onsist we protect many different digital products from being pirated and shared online illegally. Digital products such as Movies, Music and eBooks are often shared on different file-sharing websites; however, there is another product that we often find on torrent sites and file-lockers: WordPress themes. Nowadays it easier than ever to build a good looking and functioning website with WordPress. Many designers have created their own themes and plugins and sell these to their clients, BUT many of these products are being downloaded and shared illegally.

We Protect your WordPress Themes and Plugins

During our many years in the Online Protection industry, we have helped many different WordPress theme and plugin designers protect their content from being pirated. Our services mainly consist out of three differing activities, namely: our search engine, manual search and the deletion of Google search results.

  • Our Search Engine We make use of a state-of-the-art search engine that crawls the web to find any illegally shared WordPress themes out there. When we find illegal versions of your theme, we will take them down and report it back to you.
  • Manual Search Our search engine does a great job, but to further strive towards our download removal rate of 99% we also have agents who manually search the web for illegally uploaded WordPress themes. They can find content that our search engine cannot, for example: some illegal uploaders change filenames and therefore our search engine will not recognize your illegally shared themes and plugins.
  • Google Search Results Removal A final activity we do is removing infringing websites from Google by deleting their website from the Google search results. This way potential clients will not find these websites when they’re searching for your WordPress themes and plugins. We have a 100% removal rate when it comes to deleting infringing websites from Google.

Why shouldn’t I download pirated WordPress Themes?

There are a ton of articles on the internet telling you exactly why you should not download nulled and pirated WordPress themes and plugins. Undsgn wrote a good article on this which you can read here. The main thought behind these articles is that downloading illegal themes leads to security issues since they’re not being updated, and you won’t get any support. This is all correct; however, what many of these articles forget to mention is that were talking about piracy. You should not download WordPress themes illegally since your taking money from a designer. Many pirates will mention the GPL license; however, obtaining a WordPress theme or plugin through piracy invalidates this license.

Try out our service

Are you a WordPress designer and are you noticing your themes and plugins being shared illegally? We can help you protect your content from being pirated. Look at our Anti-Piracy section for a more detailed description of our services or try them out for free by starting a 7 day free trial.