Social media management is a sum of many activities and to ensure our clients get the best solution, we have partnered with Sendible. The advanced functionalities of Sendible Social Media Monitoring allow you to juggle a range of activities that help you maintain an active and engaging profile. Third-party software integration saves time and enables the creation of optimized, appealing and share-worthy posts.

What can you do with Sendible SMM?

  1. Manage your social networks
  2. Schedule posts
  3. Curate and fine-tune content
  4. Enhance social engagement
  5. Conduct analytics
  6. Measure social ROI

A mature, easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard for assorted social media sites

Sendible Social Media Monitoring syncs all your social media accounts into one intuitive dashboard. You can work off a single platform and simply connect to the rest or feed other accounts directly into Sendible to schedule and publish posts. You can create a graphic design and add it to your blog posting without having to open any other tab on your browser. Content analysis and recommendations are delivered to your fingertips for optimization and strategizing.

Logging in and out of multiple social networks is both frustrating and time-consuming. Sendible Social Media Monitoring’s compose box makes content publishing quick and efficient. You can access content from DropBox or queue up new posts as soon as you receive them from our professional writers. Add photographs, shorten links, manage workflows, view publishing activity, schedule posts at specific intervals and much more, from one dashboard.

Manage multiple users

As your social media campaigns and teams grow, content sharing and security needs also evolve. Juggling multiple entities doesn’t have to be challenging with Sendible Social Media Monitoring’s collaborative features that enable sharing across teams using role-based access control, user hierarchies and approval workflows. Work allocation and review, as well as detailed reporting and analytics are greatly simplified.

  • Engage

    Push out quality, optimized content for a loyal following and drive traffic to your website. Reach your audience at opportune times to maximize engagement. Always be ‘content-ready’, through direct publishing, advance scheduling or RSS auto posting.

  • Monitor

    Stay on the pulse of audience comments about your brand on the social web. Get alerted to positive and negative brand sentiments for immediate resolution.

  • Grow

    Integrate customer data points and social profiles within a single system for a cohesive view. Use advance prospecting tools to connect with quality leads and bolster conversions. Transition customer conversations to new team members for effective communication and enduring relationships.

  • Measure

    In-depth analytics help you understand your brand performance on social media. Derive valuable insights and rich data that guide strategies and improve social ROI.

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