Piracy Protection For The Adult Industry

Five videos are illegally downloaded via BitTorrent and P2P networks for every legally downloaded video file. Not surprisingly, 60 percent of all illegally downloaded video files are ‘adult-oriented’. In recent years, the adult movie industry has taken a serious view of illegal downloads, including taking the necessary steps to ensure that their copyrighted content is not being infringed upon. Onsist’s piracy protection for the adult industry delivers a proactive solution to illegal downloading and sharing, to safeguard proprietary content effectively.

Defensive Anti-Piracy service

  • Password sharing: Our solution locates shared passwords before they are used to download your content. Our professionals detect where the passwords have been shared first and act upon it immediately.

    Brute force attacks: In a brute-force attack, hackers attempt to discover your account password by systematically trying various combinations of letters, symbols and numbers till they find the right one. Any website requiring user authentication is a target for brute force attacks. While locking out accounts is an obvious way to block brute-force attacks, there are other counter-measures that can limit your exposure to such attacks and also detect them easily.

  • Content leeching: In most P2P contexts, leeching involves people who throttle their upload speed or refuse to upload while they continue downloading. In the content of copyfraud, leeching refers to offering for sale or claiming credit for content created and uploaded by others online.

    Our professionals carry out weak scans and security audits on your website to block accounts before hackers get to them. We also work with our security partners to deploy a number of measures to prevent or manage brute-force attacks, content leeching and password sharing.

We remove 99% of all illegal downloads

Piracy is a grim reality that must be dealt with smartly instead of offensively. Our approach to copyright infringement protection is straight-forward: detect and remove. When there is no avenue to access your content illegally, it will bring your customers back to the legal, authorized source of distribution: your website. It is a practical, revenue-saving solution over suing downloaders. That’s mostly down to judges requiring more upfront investigation by plaintiffs, and refusal to treat computer internet protocol (IP) addresses – typically used by the movie industry to target thefts – as insufficient proof to move forward with lawsuits.

  • A dedicated security agent

    Your account will be managed by a dedicated security agent. The agent will clarify your doubts and answer any questions you may have. The role of the agent will be small but significant, as 90% of the job of safeguarding your copyright is accomplished by our industry-best anti-piracy technology.


  • Sign up for our 7-day free trial

    To get a thorough understanding of how our solutions work and what they can achieve for you, try our service for 7 days at absolutely no charge. Many of our customers have gone the ‘try before you buy’ route, and impressed by the quality, proceed to engage our service. You can learn more about how piracy protection for the adult industry works here.

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