Onsist is an expert in the domain of online marketplace monitoring, protecting intellectual property rights as new websites pop up across the web daily with incredible speed, ease and really low costs. While the exponential growth of venues online facilitates e-commerce, it is more important than ever to protect the reputation of brands against unscrupulous sellers and counterfeiters. We have all the technology needed to troll the auction sites and online marketplaces for any sign of suspicious activity. We hone in on the sellers who deal and move in large quantities while keeping our eye out for the larger nexus of dealers who work together or under one name.

Online Marketplace Monitoring by Onsist

The Internet has made it easy for unscrupulous sellers to hawk pirated and counterfeit goods, often passing it off as an authentic product. According to a recent study, counterfeit trade alone accounts for between 2.5% of international trade. Without exactly knowing what to look out for, the average consumer is deceived and ends up purchasing fraudulent services and goods. This is a risk to your reputation, bottom line and the safety of the consumer.

Online Marketplace MonitoringUsing our own proprietary software, we identify the websites that are of concern and the companies or people who are behind them. We specialize in fishing out:

  • Fraudulent e-commerce websites – These are trademark and IP infringing websites and bear a remarkable similarity to the feel and look of the brand owner’s website.
  • Online marketplaces – B2B marketplaces have become a breeding ground for fraudsters. They use it to hawk and ship gray market and counterfeit products to the customers directly in large volumes.
  • Auction sites – An isolated internet auction is not something that the owner of a big brand typically pays attention to. But there is always a problem of it escalating into something big as it is bound to be replicated by unscrupulous fraudsters.
  • Mobile applications – This is the most recent and also the fastest growing channel for apps that ape famous e-commerce sites, apps that link to counterfeit items and pirated content or sophisticated phishing attacks or distributing malware.
  • Traffic diversion – Apart from cyber-squatting, SEO manipulation and typo-squatting, fraudsters also use social networking sites, review sites and blog entries to divert the customers to fraudulent e-commerce websites.
  • Blogs

We understand the importance of preserving brand equity and customer confidence, and to safeguard the revenues and sales. We specialize in giving global brands a leg up by keeping them ahead of the curve. Our top of the line online marketplace monitoring technology, multilingual anti-counterfeit analysis and experienced enforcement teams ensure that we can rapidly detect and take action against any kind of infringement across online channels. Our anti-counterfeiting services go much further than the online channels and are the most thorough and effective in the marketplace. Join our ever growing list of clients and safeguard your brand from any unauthorized usage or fraud.

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