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Piracy costs the music industry around $12.5 billion each year. The average iPod contains illegally downloaded music worth $800. And to think that music is only the sixth most-pirated item on the web, just below software and trailing the biggest victim of piracy – pornography.

The recording industry has gone about addressing the issue of piracy the wrong way – by suing individuals who illegally download their music. This move has been counter-productive in that it hasn’t been such a strong deterrent, nor had any effect on file-sharing, and brought bad publicity their way. It has also created some privacy issues among customers who feel like they’re being spied upon. There is also the time and effort involved in pursuing cases through court, legal fees and settlements, which the rich labels can afford, but frankly, also avoid.

  • Why engage our music piracy protection service?

    We have a straightforward solution to protecting your copyright and avoiding the misuse of musical talent – taking down all illegal downloads of your music. Our anti-piracy software efficiently locates the nooks and corners where your music is being illegally viewed and shared, and 99% of illegal downloads are removed in the quickest time.

    To reduce the incidence that people searching for songs, albums or artists from your record label end up at illegal file-sharing sites, we manage search engine results to ensure that the generated results only take potential customers to legal stores authorized to sell your music. For your part, you need to make sure that your music is available at all leading music stores.

  • Powerful anti-piracy software

    Our advanced anti-piracy software does an exceptional job of monitoring for illegal downloads to get your music out of questionable file-sharing sites so they find their rightful place in a legal music store.

    A dedicated account executive

    You can liaise with a single point of contact, who will oversee illegal downloads occurring for your songs and albums, and offer advice whenever you seek it.

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