The proliferation of mobile devices, websites and applications has brought with it a major threat: pirated ‘rogue’ apps. The mobile app marketplace is under attack from counterfeiters. According to a new study by NPD Group, mobile applications have surpassed file-sharing services as the most widely used source for free music downloads.

Why securing mobile applications is paramount

Rogue apps can contain malware, viruses or other malicious code, which when installed on a mobile device, can steal identifying information, financial data and everything in between. They are not just infringing upon your intellectual property, but also upon others’ personal property. In fact, researchers have found that most Android viruses and malware enter a phone through sideloading Android apps. Sideloading involves installing apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

While some pirated apps are intended for unscrupulous purposes, others may display trademarks, logos and other proprietary content. Some apps are developed to mimic the original ones to cash in on their popularity. In this instance, they are scamming unsuspecting downloaders. But that does not make them any less of a threat. Such rogue apps can create confusion about you service/product and will hurt your brand.

Onsist monitors over 4 million Android and iOS apps in 55 countries and 35 languages to protect apps and brands from:

  • Brand infringement

    Identical or cloned apps, company images or logos bring down the value of your brand online.

  • Trademark infringement

    Apps that are illegally using your trademarks to steal Internet traffic and deceive customers.

  • Rogue apps

    App malware that is used to attract consumers, is infringing upon your intellectual property, but also upon others’ personal property and creates a negative experience for users.

  • Phishing

    Fake apps can steal personal information from your customers, including financial data and everything in between.

Effective solutions combating mobile app piracy

Our mobile app protection service monitors the internet for pirated apps based around your proprietary application. As free, cracked apps may end up costing you as well as the downloader big time, we also monitor native iOS applications like AppCake. Our software tracks down the errant apps and we then proceed to takedown the cracked versions of original, official apps.

  • Mobile App ProtectionComprehensive Searches
    Our App Protection service identifies potentially infringing apps by scanning a wide variety of mobile app stores on a global basis, including third-party app stores.
  • Reversed Image Searches
    Detects unauthorized use of copyrighted images and logos to identify non-compliant third-party developers or detect cases of malicious infringement.
  • Case Analyst
    Potential infringing apps will be investigated by professional analysts for containing infringing content and/or phishing. Once the analyst has found and confirmed phishing and/or copyright or trademark infringement, evidence will be gathered in an evidence report.
  • Enforcement
    Evidence reports that are created by one of our professional analysts are used to report infringing apps to app stores which will result in removal of the infringing apps.

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