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Local Government Protection

Detect and mitigate cyber threats for local governments.

Onsist Threat Intelligence Solutions

Find Leaked PII

Local governments are interesting targets for cyber criminals. Breached civil servants’ data such as emails, password or usernames can be used and sold for nefarious purposes. By monitoring for these assets with local government protection, you’ll know of these breaches as soon as they appear so you can take affirmative action. Local government cyber security is key when it comes to maintaining a trustworthy institution.

Monitor Valuable Documents

Valuable information is shared through documents within local governments. Therefore, it is imperative for security teams to monitor these assets for possible leaks and breaches. A local government protection service can provide assistance. By monitoring the dark and deep web, you’ll by notified of leaked documents as soon as they’re uploaded.

Monitor Cyber Threats

Breached data such as emails, passwords and usernames can be used to infiltrate a local government’s digital environment. Monitoring can help you and your team take action as soon as the breaches pop up. This way, damage can be prevented or contained. Local government cyber security is of the highest priority.

How does local government security work

How does dark & deep web monitoring work? 

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