Last Week in Piracy: Week 6

Welcome to this weeks summary of news relating to Cyber Security, Anti-Piracy, Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Protection and many other online security topics. In this summary we provide you with a selection of news items that we feel capture this week in terms of piracy and online protection. We provide you with a short introduction of a news item (written by the respective website); if you feel like you want to read more about a specific topic, you can click on the provided links below.

Canadian media wants to fight piracy by blocking websites. That’s got some worried

A coalition of Canadian media companies and cultural organizations, including the CBC, have banded together to stop internet piracy. The group — called FairPlay Canada — want the CRTC to block websites which promote piracy.

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Virgin Media caught running ‘piracy’ software in bricks-and-mortar store

Virgin Media has long taken a hard-line on piracy, and last year started sending out letters warning customers suspected of piracy to cease their wicked ways and adopt acceptable services like Netflix and Spotify instead.

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Two eBay Sellers Fined for Selling Pre-Configured Kodi Boxes and Piracy Subscriptions

You can’t walk into a shop and purchase an Android TV box pre-configured with piracy-enabling software, like those dodgy Kodi add-ons the entertainment industry is panicking over. Those tend to get shut down. So eBay and social media sites are popular ways of tracking one down. But even that’s not safe for the sellers, with two eBay sellers managing to collect fines of £18,000 and £8,000 respectively..

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Big Tech’s Wish List for NAFTA Would Worsen Showbiz’s Piracy Problems

Remember NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, favorite target of Donald Trump on the campaign trail? The “worst deal” for Americans ever? The “we’re going to rip it up and “Make America Great Again™” NAFTA? Well, it’s being renegotiated so you better pay attention.

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