Last Week in Piracy: Week 16

Welcome to this weeks summary of news relating to Cyber Security, Anti-Piracy, Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Protection and many other online security topics. In this summary we provide you with a selection of news items that we feel capture this week in terms of piracy and online protection. We provide you with a short introduction of a news item (written by the respective website); if you feel like you want to read more about a specific topic, you can click on the provided links below.

Amazon, Netflix and studios sue subscription service over piracy

Hollywood studios usually fight piracy by chasing after software add-ons and free streaming services, with the occasional device thrown in. A paid service, however? That’s relatively rare… or at least, it has been. Amazon, Netflix and multiple Hollywood studios (including Disney, Fox, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.) have sued SET Broadcast over allegations its SET TV service is used expressly for piracy.

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SVG On Demand: Take an In-Depth Dive Into OTT, Piracy in Asia in This Panel From SPORTELAsia

The sports marketplace in Asia will be driven dramatically by the use of smartphones and tablets. That reliance on digital devices requires new ways of content creation, distribution, and marketing. This panel discussion from the 2018 SPORTELAsia show examined how to develop a strategy best suited for the diversity of cultures in Asia.

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Blocking entire app stores would be the most dramatic anti-piracy act we’ve seen yet

Two media companies are seeking one of the most sweeping legal orders we’ve seen yet from an Australian court, in an effort to reduce the use of paid pirate IPTV services.

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French Culture Minister seeks anti-piracy blacklist

Françoise Nyssen, France’s Minister for Culture, has called for the establishment of a blacklist of infringing websites in the fight against audiovisual piracy. Speaking at a reception in honor of French films selected for the Cannes Film Festival, Nyssen noted France’s cinematic cultural heritage, but admitted that this predated the digital revolution, and it was now necessary to adapt it.

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