Image Recognition and Protection

Digital image theft is the unauthorized use of a photograph, image, illustration or drawing. It is a gross violation of your proprietary content and/or your privacy.

Most websites have image use statements that allow visitors to use images only upon the artist’s or owner’s permission. Website owners also publicly display their image usage policy/statement on their site. If otherwise not mentioned, the default for all image downloading and usage is “All Rights Reserved”. Unfortunately, not everybody takes privacy rights seriously, and in today’s culture of rampant online piracy, your proprietary images are at a constant threat of misuse. Here’s where we come in.

Our image recognition and protection service is invaluable for photographers, businesses and individuals alike. We have the technology and capability to handle a large amount of digital imagery, from your store’s product images to photographs from your professional portfolio and your personal photos that have been stolen and leaked online.

Are you a photographer?

We work to safeguard your photographs against illegal, wrongful use in multiple ways. One, we locate your photographs that are being used by websites without your permission. We then use your stock imagery to locate brands, and then find out immediately when the website starts using your photographs. We also add your photographs to our database for 24/7 monitoring. This is in addition to a constant security blanket that detects and resolves any unauthorized use of your photographic work.

Are you a business?

Our image recognition software works 24/7 to identify the unauthorized use of your business images, photos and illustrations. Mostly, counterfeiters will be looking to use your images to pass off imitation products as genuine. In other words, they’re generating revenue from the use of your proprietary content while fooling unsuspecting buyers at the same time.

Do you need personal solutions?

We have built a reputation for locating personal photographs that are used by identity thieves to meet their own ends, or worse, used to blackmail you or harm your reputation. If your photographs have been stolen and you seek immediate damage control, you can count on us to track the photos to make it easy for you to take them down and initiate the desired action.

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