How can anti-piracy services benefit your SERP ranking?

How can anti-piracy services benefit your SERP ranking?

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You might be a content creator who has produced a video, a song or perhaps created a piece of software. You may have noticed that people are illegally downloading your content. This is eating away at your revenue. Then you also find out your pages are dropping in Google. How can this happen? Illegally shared versions of your content are popping up all over Google, and they are pushing you down in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Well, as it turns out anti-piracy services can kill these two birds with one stone. Illegal content will be removed, and as a result you will rise in Google.


The deletion of content and illegal listings

So, what does an anti-piracy service do? It deletes illegal content. No digital stone will be left unturned whilst search engine and agents crawl the internet in search of illegal content. But what does this have to do with your position in Google? A lot. When illegal content is deleted, and illegal search results are reported to Google – you will have less competition. You can fill up these empty spots.


You will receive more clicks

We already established that you will have less competition when illegal search results have been reported to Google. A result of this is that potential clients, viewers or customers will click on your website. Therefore, you are receiving additional clicks which can lead to a more favorable position in the SERPs.

So there you have it: two birds with one stone. Anti-piracy services will not only benefit you when it comes to the deletion of infringing content, it will also profit your SEO endeavors. You will not online neutralize digital pirates, but you will also gain a more favorable position in Google. There’s so much to gain from safeguarding your content against the likes of online piracy.

Stop losing your revenue

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