Anti-Piracy, Anti-Counterfeiting & Dark Web Monitoring Services

Executive Protection

Detect potential cyber security threats aimed at executives.

Onsist Threat Intelligence Solutions

Detect Data Breaches

The Dark and Deep web are filled with leaked emails, usernames, passwords and more. This valuable data can be used to hack an executive or other VIPs. An executive protection service can help out. By constantly monitoring the dark and deep web, you and your security team will be able to detect leaks when they occur.

Find Physical Risks

Data breaches do not solely focus on leaking digital assets such as emails and passwords – they can also contain physical threats such as leaking an executive’s private address. Our dark and deep web monitoring services (or Executive Protection) detects these leaks as soon as they appear.

Secretary Protection

Secretaries are a prime target for cyber criminals. They have access to valuable data and therefore should be threated as an executive. By monitoring for digital assets such as their email, name and usernames, potential leaks and threats will be detected as soon as they appear and you can take action immediately. 

How does executive protection work

How does dark & deep web monitoring work? 

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