Onsist offers Evidential Purchasing services that are designed to detect and enforce against any form of infringement present across multiple digital channels.

It is estimated that international counterfeit good sales account for about $300 Billion US dollars annually. A newer estimate from the BASCAP Group (Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy) puts it at around 1.3 trillion dollars each year.

In a recent report published by UK’s Telegraph, 2.5% of international trade is now comprised of counterfeit or fake goods. A figure roughly equal to the GDP of Austria. The data was collected from 500,000 trade and customs seizures carried out over the previous two years.

The piracy and counterfeiting industry has undergone major expansion since 2005. Some of the most counterfeited goods include clothes, leather apparel, and footwear.

Why is this happening?

Low operational expenses reduce the barriers to entry and virtually unlimited access to a global customer base via online mechanisms has made the sale of counterfeit products simpler than ever. The internet offers criminals the significant power of near total anonymity which further emboldens them, by making it extremely easy to carry out such fraudulent practices without being detected. Never has it been easier to market cheap imitations of cosmetics, toys, accessories, pharmaceuticals and even functional car parts.

Counterfeiting poses a serious threat to manufacturers, retailers, and even consumers. For manufacturers and retailers, counterfeit goods can lead to consumer confusion, consumer mistrust, a ruined reputation, and revenue loss. For consumers, the risks of using low quality counterfeit products are many and in some cases, they can even lead to fatalities. For instance, a counterfeit drug or a counterfeit safety component in a vehicle can lead to dangerous scenarios.

It is currently estimated that over 16.5% of all goods (roughly 1 in 6) purchased and sold online are counterfeited.

The only way to end this tyranny is to use effective anti-counterfeiting technology, along with equally effective anti-counterfeiting strategies. Doing so will help brands retain their revenues, protect their brand and maintain customer confidence.

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions by Onsist

Evidential PurchasingOnsist offers Evidential Purchasing services that are designed to detect and enforce against any form of infringement present across multiple digital channels. To achieve this, Onsist incorporates advanced monitoring technology, specialized anti-counterfeit analysis and enforcement teams.

Evidence against suspected counterfeiters is collected via purchases. This evidence is then used for the purpose of litigation, which is carried out by the affected brand or group. Our multilingual experts seek out targets that may interest our clients. These targets are then recommended to our clients for evidential purchase actions according to the criteria established by them.

Onsist possesses the most competitive and comprehensive capabilities in the area of brand protection.


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