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  • If you’re a content or intellectual property owner, then you probably have experienced online piracy. You have worked hard to create a video, a song or perhaps an innovative piece of software just, and now you’re finding out that your content is being shared for free illegally.

    You don’t have the time or know-how to take these illegal downloads (or videos, music, etc.) offline, so what do you do now? Well, Onsist can help you. We offer a DMCA Protection service that can protect your digital content. By sending out a DMCA Takedown notice, we can delete up to 99% of illegal content on the internet.

  • We specialize in DMCA Protection

    A service that will takedown illegal content

    • Onsist was founded in 2010, and during that time we have protected many of our clients from online piracy. By using our search engine, we have detected many illegal downloads, which we then deleted by sending out a DMCA Takedown notice.

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    • In general, we have found that we have deleted 99% of the illegal content that we detected. We continuously monitor illegal file-sharing websites, cyber lockers, tube-sites, online marketplaces and many other sources of illegal content.

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DMCA Takedown Service Plans

  • Standard Plan

    DMCA Takedown Service Basic

    • DMCA Takedown & Protection

      • Automated Search
        Our search engine will crawl the internet to find illegally shared versions of your content
      • 50 keywords
        The standard DMCA Protection Service will allow you to submit up to 50 keywords for the search engine to look for
      • Unlimited Takedowns
        There are no limits to the amount of illegal content we will delete. Every illegal download can expect a DMCA Takedown
      • 24/7 Monitoring
        Our search engine continuously crawls the internet – a fully automated DMCA Protection Service
      • Full Support
        You get full support no matter what service plan you decide to choose
  • Premium Plan

    DMCA Premium Protection

    • DMCA Takedown Premium & Protection

      • Everything from the Standard Plan
        You get all the features of the standard plan, such as: DMCA Takedown, Protection and 24/7 search engine monitoring
      • Personal Agent for One Hour
        You will get a personal agent assigned to your account. This agent will manually search the internet for illegal content that the search engine might not find. Upon detection, this agent will send out a DMCA Takedown notice
      • 100 keywords
        This premium DMCA Protection plan will allow you to submit 100 keywords
      • Search Engine Takedowns
        Our agent will crawl through search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) to find illegal search results and delete these
    1. Before
    2. After
  • Personal DMCA Protection

    With our premium DMCA Protection plan, you will get a personal agent who will manually crawl the internet for one hour a week. This agent will find content that our search engine might not. For example, uploaders of illegal videos might deliberately change title names; however, our agents can and will detect these video – they will also send out a DMCA Takedown notice accordingly. In our experience, choosing for a premium plan with a personal agent increases the amount of illegal content found significantly.

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  • Do you have intellectual property that needs protecting? Are you experiencing a drop in revenue because of online piracy? Let us help you protect your content.

    If you’d first like to test out our services, we suggest signing up for a seven day free trial. During this trial, our search engine will monitor the internet 24/7, and we will sent out DMCA Takedown notices whenever needed.

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