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DMCA Takedown Service

Regain control over your copyrighted content and stop pirates
from stealing your revenue with our DMCA Takedown Service.

Regain control over your copyrighted content and stop pirates from stealing your revenue with our DMCA Takedown Service.

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Stop losing your revenue to piracy

Protect your premium content against unauthorized use or distribution

DMCA Takedown Service​

Protect your digital content against infringements and piracy, and stop sharing your revenue with pirates with Onsist’s DMCA protection service.​

Why do I need a DMCA Takedown Service​?

Content needs DMCA protection otherwise you will lose control and income


Being a content creator, artist, writer, musician, photographer, etc., you invest time, effort, and resources into producing original premium content. The founder of Onsist experienced piracy in the years when he was producing content. Revenue was going down and a quick Google search showed that the content was being pirated.

This experience led to the founding of Onsist back in 2010, and Onsist now is one of the most experienced and leading companies in the business. With our DMCA takedown services we provide the highest quality content protection solutions to all creators, publishers and brands.

Creators who rely on revenue generated from their content, such as ad revenue, subscriptions, or sales, will see their earnings impacted when their content is illegally distributed. A DMCA takedown service helps to mitigate this loss.

Writers, bloggers, and journalists often find their articles or blog posts copied verbatim or partially without proper attribution.

DMCA Takedown Service
Removal DMCA Service


Companies and brands dealing with counterfeiting of their products often discover websites selling fake or unauthorized merchandise using their trademarks and copyrighted logos. Businesses want to maintain control over their brand image and reputation.

Photographers and artists often face issues of their images or artworks being used without permission on websites, social media, or other platforms.

Software developers, game studios, and other creators of digital products face challenges from unauthorized distribution of their products through torrents, file-sharing platforms, or other means.

How does a DMCA Takedown Service work?

We offer a suitable DMCA protection service for every brand or creator

Anti-Piracy Protection Monitoring

1 Monitor your content

We monitor the web for copies of your copyrighted content by using automated search engines, trained specialists and custom crawlers

Where we look for you

Our DMCA Takedown Service covers every corner of the internet

Search Engines

Social Media


Video Sites

Dark Web

App Stores



2 Remove illegal copies

Illegal copies of your content will be reported by our automated systems and trained specialists. 

Anti-Piracy Protection Removal

3 Read the reports

You’ll receive live feedback from your own account and weekly reports via your email address.

How DMCA Protection benefits your brand

Our DMCA Takedown service offers benefits for every brand that produces digital content

Increased Sales

Take down illegal copies, and people will return to you.

Constumer Trust

Consumers will only buy your copy. So quality is guaranteed.

Positive Brand Image

Your image and exclusivity stay intact whilst taking action.

Get Back Time

Automate brand protection with our monitoring services.

What do you get?

DMCA Protection plans come with the following features

24/7 Monitoring

Onsist is constantly monitoring a database of sites for your copyright content.

Experienced Agents

Our Open Source Intelligence trained agents have experience with more than 700+ brands.

Custom Solutions

Every client is unique. That's why we're always open for the option of a custom solution.

Get DMCA Protection with our easy setup

We've made signing up for our takedown service as easy as can be

Step 1 Choose your plan

Choose one of our monthly DMCA takedown service plans that suits your needs.

Billed monthly
Billed yearly -20% off
Lite Protection


$199 +VAT billed monthly

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Full Protection


$249 +VAT billed monthly

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Advanced Protection


$399 +VAT billed monthly

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Keyword(s) 1 1 to 20 1 to 50
Manual work per week 15 Minutes 1 Hour 3 Hours
Weekly reports
24/7 Monitoring
Unlimited takedowns
Google de-indexing
Hosting providers X
Bing de-indexing X X
Yahoo de-indexing X X
Language(s) covered 1 1 to 2 1 to 3
Lite Protection


  • 1 Keyword
  • 15 Minutes manual work p/w
  • Weekly reports
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Unlimited takedowns
  • Google de-indexing
  • 1 Language covered

$199 +VAT billed monthly

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Most Popular

Full Protection


  • 1 to 20 Keyword(s)
  • 1 Hour manual work p/w
  • Weekly reports
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Unlimited takedowns
  • Google de-indexing
  • Hosting providers
  • 1 to 2 Language covered

$249 +VAT billed monthly

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Advanced Protection


  • 1 to 50 Keyword(s)
  • 3 Hours manual work p/w
  • Weekly reports
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Unlimited takedowns
  • Google de-indexing
  • Hosting providers
  • Bing de-indexing
  • Yahoo de-indexing
  • 1 to 3 Language covered

$399 +VAT billed monthly

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We accept the following payment methods:

Step 2 Submit your information

Submit your official website(s), social media channel(s) and/or other official URLs.

Step by step help

Provide basic information such as your official website(s), the social media channels you use to promote your content and partners that are allowed so share your product.

Submit your official websites

Step 3 Provide keyword(s)

Provide keywords so the automated search engines and agents know what to search for.

Keywords for better results

By providing keyword(s) that describe your content, our search engines know what to search for. Keywords will also help agents with performing manual searches in Google.

Why choose Onsist

We are trusted by over 700 brands, businesses & law firms

Piracy is an epidemic

Our company operates on the cornerstones of exceptional quality, customer focus and continues improvement.

Custom DMCA Protection Solutions

Your satisfaction means everything to us. That’s why we provide custom solutions, detailed reports and have a dedicated agent handle your every need.

Best Technology

We invest in the best DMCA takedown technology and the most talented security professionals. That’s so we can ensure top notch monitoring, takedowns and removing infringing content.

We get better every day

We continuously improve and evaluate our solutions and strategies to incorporate improvements.

This is us:

What our clients think of DMCA Protection

We've helped brands, businesses & law firms all over the world

"Fastest without Question"

We often need quick action and Onsist are certainly the fastest without question, we have experienced several other services which cannot compare.

Tall House Digital

Owner of Tall House Digital Ltd.

"Made Anti-Piracy Easy"

Onsist made anti-piracy protection easy for us. Easy to use interface with weekly updates, we can rest easy knowing Onsist is consistently keeping an eye out for us.

Jose Marcial Portilla

CEO of Pierian Data

"Vital to our Protection"

Onsist deals with pirated and copyright infringing content swiftly and prevents small issues from escalating. Onsist is a vitally important part of our business.

Steven Wintercroft

CEO of Wintercroft Design Ltd.

"Excellent Customer Service"

Onsist provides excellent customer service and a fast, efficient solution for piracy monitoring and take down of illegal posting of content. I highly recommend Onsist to all content creators and distributors.

Andreas Olavarria

CEO of Level 33 Entertainment

"Amazing Customer Service"

We honestly could not be happier with the service provided, we simply cannot fault ONSIST. Their response time and efficiency in doing take-downs are second to none. But what makes ONSIST stand out even more for us is their staff.

Audrey Maslard

Head of License Compliance

"Cut our Expenses"

Thanks to Onsist we have cut our expenses and received top support and service. Onsist handles all of our requests and delivers complete reports of anyone found violating our copyright.

Monev Software LLC

Owner of

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for a DMCA takedown service at Onsist starts at $199,- per month (ex. VAT). This plan includes unlimited takedowns. Click here for a full pricing overview

A DMCA takedown service is a tool for copyright holders to locate and remove illegally uploaded material that infringes their copyrights. 

In 1998, US Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which amended U.S. copyright law to address important parts of the relationship between copyright and the internet. View the full source here

A DMCA takedown notice is a notice sent to copyright infringing parties by the owner of the original content or an authorized agent/lawyer. The DMCA takedown notice is broadly accepted standard by websites and hosting providers globally.

A DMCA violation typically refers to a third party violating digital copyright law. If someone is illegally sharing your copyrighted content, they are committing DMCA violation.