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Brand Protection Strategy. Online brand abuse collectively costs businesses billions of dollars each year. Digital piracy, phishing, cybersquatting, brandjacking and Brand protection Strategy. pay-per-click fraud Brand protection Strategy. can erode your marketing investment, affect brand reputation and lead to a loss of customer trust.Brand protection Strategy.

Online brand abuse collectively costs businesses billions of dollars each year. Digital piracy, phishing, cybersquatting, brandjacking and pay-per-click fraud can erode your marketing investment, affect brand reputation and lead to a loss of customer trust. Our brand protection services provide proactive defense against fraudulent use of your brand online. We use advanced technologies to monitor, detect and prevent or resolve different types of online brand abuse.

    • Anti-Piracy Protection

      We continuously monitor cyberlockers, Tube sites, P2P torrent sites, search engines and Usenet sites for pirated content. By reporting pirated sites to search engines, we also ensure that people searching for your content online are only able to view legal results.

    • Anti-Counterfeiting

      Monitoring auction and ecommerce sites for counterfeit products, testing products for authenticity, removing infringing advertisements, monitoring social media posts leading to rogue sites, and taking down duplicated products on the Chinese online marketplace are some anti counterfeiting and brand protection strategies we employ.

    • Social Media Monitoring

      Social media monitoring is a form of business intelligence that tells you what social media conversations are happening around your brand. Our professionals keep their eyes and ears open to identify and take down unauthorized and counterfeit goods.

    • Mobile App Protection

      Our brand protection agency monitors the internet and native iOS applications like AppCake for pirated and cracked apps that eat into your revenue while also putting unsuspecting downloaders at a risk of phishing.

Safeguard your product and reputation with effective online brand protection solutions from Onsist. Please visit each of our brand protection pages or drop us a line via our contact form.

Digital piracy costs global economy $75 billion

Source: Frontier Economics

Onsist’s Brand Protection Solutions are designed to preserve the trust of your customers, safeguard your marketing investments and boost your revenue by helping you eliminate misuse of brand names online. We have access to a wide variety of data sources and a virulently effective detection technology to monitor all internet channels. We make it a point to safeguard the brand equity, web traffic and reputation of brands from every kind of abuse, from unauthorized channels, paid search scams and counterfeit products to brand impersonation, cyber-squatting and other high-intensity threats.

If you are the CEO if your company and you want a quick and foolproof way to detect online abuse, you have come to the right place. We have automated mechanisms from exchange/auction de-listings, deactivation of payment processing, cease and desist orders as well as advisories to take down unauthorized sites. By choosing to go with our Brand Protection services, you can proactively defend your brand and reduce any possible instances of future attacks

Highlights Of Our Solution

  • Detect abuses faster and better – Monitor a variety of online data sources – B2B exchanges, auctions, paid search, eCommerce sites, mobile app stores, email, social media and more – with a much greater frequency.
  • Marketing investments – Protect the value of your investments and make the most of your investments on ads. Prevent pay-per-click scams, cybersquatting and SEO manipulation from diverting your web traffic to an unaffiliated site which will associate your brand image with disagreeable content.
  • Protect the profits and revenues – Shut down sites that sell counterfeit or gray market goods and reduce the false customer service and warranty claims.
  • Stop the erosion of your brand’s reputation – Defend against all false associations and impersonations on mobile app stores, websites, and social media sites.
  • Greater protection with lesser effort – Identify all instances of high-priority brand abuse, automate enforcement measures and simplify enterprise range collaborations.
  • Build brand confidence by warning customers – Keep your customers away from infringing sites till the enforcement measures are in full effect.
  • Deliver quick results – Leverage our managed services and software-as-a-service model to get the quickest results with a minimum of investment.

It takes a lot of money to build a brand globally. However, they are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks which can put a serious dent in their marketing investments while putting the customer trust, brand reputation and revenues at a big risk. Attacks usually make illegal use of trademarks in fraudulent paid search ads, misleading websites, URLs, spam mail, and mobile apps, in order to divert the traffic to illicit or competing sites. SEO manipulation and pay-per-click scams enable fraudsters to claim an affiliation where there is none, link a legitimate brand with falsified or disagreeable content or steer the consumers to the sale of pirated, counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized goods.

The consequences of leaving such infringements unchecked can quickly spiral into minimized return on investment for marketing spends. Millions of dollars are forfeited in revenue. Service & warranty costs keep rising for brand owners. Even a few successful attacks can end up tarnishing the integrity of a brand permanently if it is not countered with sufficient speed and force to minimize damage and discourage copycats.

With Onsist’s Brand Protection, companies can eliminate these negative impacts. Our software solution monitors the largest range of Internet properties and also uses sophisticated algorithms for detection – including graphics recognition, photo detection and scoring technology – to scan through millions of online pages, mobile app stores, social media sites, auction, and e-commerce sites and quickly identify any potential abuse to the brand.

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