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Why Is It Necessary to Tackle Piracy Effectively?

Why Is It Necessary to Tackle Piracy Effectively?

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The extensive use of the internet has made piracy a common practice among most users. Pirates create and distribute illegal copies of copyrighted software programs, mobile apps, games, music, movies, etc. It’s safe to say that anything you can find online has a counterfeit copy. Businesses lose millions of revenue to piracy leading to bankruptcy and dissatisfied customers.

Pirates are not the only ones to blame in this scenario because users also prefer downloading free or inexpensive content, increasing the demand for pirated content. There is a social cost to piracy; countries with more piracy rates face a shortage of artists and creative talent.

Here are the reasons why it’s essential to use anti-piracy protection for your content or business:

Secure Employment Opportunities

When a company loses its revenue to pirates, it often doesn’t have enough resources to afford employees and other expenses. It stops hiring new talent and might have to let go of many existing employees. Talented employees are the backbone of any company, and without them, businesses can’t grow or sustain themselves in the market.

If you start tackling piracy effectively, you can secure top talent and scale your business.

Maintain Stakeholders’ Trust

Piracy can cause distrust among your clients, distributors, employees, and other stakeholders if they find illegal and low-quality copies of your content selling for free. Customers can easily find the next best option if they’re unhappy with your business. Eventually, you’ll lose all the essential players of your business and may have to shut down.

However, you can maintain your stakeholders’ trust with anti-piracy protection.

Own Your Unique Content

Piracy isn’t limited to businesses, but it also affects social media influencers and content creators. As the number of users increases on social media sites, scammers are also actively pirating their content for their own benefit.

 A lot of time, effort, and money goes into creating content, but it all goes to waste when impersonators use it for their benefit. Therefore, tackling piracy is essential for content creators to own their unique content.

Increased Sales

Counterfeit copies of your products can decrease sales because most people prefer getting them without paying anything. You can find and takedown such illegal copies using anti-piracy solutions and regain your sales.

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Get a Piracy Assessment

Do you want to know how secure your digital content against pirates is? Request a free brand analysis today! At Onsist, we offer 24/7 dark web monitoring, threat management, and DMCA takedowns so you can tackle piracy effectively. Explore our website to learn more about our brand protection solutions.

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