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Why is Digital Piracy Rising?

Why is Digital Piracy Rising?

Digital Piracy Rising

Digital piracy has risen in an alarming way in the past year and it will be on the rise in 2023 as well according to a new research from MUSO.

Digital piracy in 2023

The rate of digital piracy has gone up since the previous years. The analysis from MUSO shows that there is already an increase in piracy at the first quarter of 2023. Here’s a summarized look on how piracy is increasing in recent times by numbers. 

  • More than a third increase in movie piracy over the last year
  • Illegal streaming of movies grew by 38.6 percent between 2021 and 2022
  • 8.8 percent growth in visits in illegal streaming websites

Why the rise in digital piracy?

The surge in popularity of online piracy is attributed by analysts to a number of factors, including the expansion of content following the pandemic and financial strains like the cost of living problem. 

Here’s a summarized look on why piracy is increasing in recent times.

  • Rise in post pandemic contents
  • Economic pressures from global inflation
  • Growing number of subscription streaming platforms
  • Content that is not available in particular region
  • Content not affordable at the time

Who are the digital pirates?

The two primary reasons for digital piracy increasing are financial reasons and content not available in particular regions. 

The audience who can’t subscribe to streaming services for these reasons are avid consumers of digital content. Not only are streaming services increasing, subscription prices of those services are also increasing.

The contents being region locked or simply the streaming service not available in regions are not helping either. The only option for these avid consumers is digital piracy. 

According to studies and surveys digital pirates will subscribe to legal content if they get the opportunity. 

Onsist fights Online Piracy

One of the best ways to counter Digital Media Piracy is to enlist the help of Online Piracy agencies such as Onsist. Onsist has been battling online piracy for the last decade. 

‘Stop Losing Your Revenue to Piracy’ has always been the motto of Onsist, using advanced automated tools to report and takedown illegal online videos such as popular movies or tv series, helping streamers to go back to the source of the contents. 

The vision of Onsist has always been to protect brands from all over the world against online theft and piracy. Onsist wants people not to fear losing their content to pirates, counterfeiters and other digital threats. 

Onsist finds and removes illegal copies of your content and protects your revenue with anti-piracy protection.

Find Infringements

Find pirated content in three ways

  • Monitoring Engines

Anti-Piracy Engines that will crawl the web for infringements 24/7

  • Piracy Database

A database of scraped piracy sites for easy content detection

  • Trained Experts

Experts to manually reach places a bot cannot

Remove Them

Report and remove content when it’s found

  • Send out notices

Illegal content is reported to the infringing sites

  • Contact hosting

Hosting providers will be notified of infringements

  • Clean up search engines

Google, Bing, and other search engines will be cleaned

Report The Results

Get notified of findings and removals

  • Live Statistics

Get live feedback on found and reported infringements

  • Detailed Results

Check out the status of each and every URL that’s found

  • Weekly Reports

Receive weekly reports on what’s been found and removed

Stop losing your revenue

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