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Why eLearning Is Here To Stay

eLearning video protection is something everyone should think about now. It can be a real problem when you create good quality content and only realize that it’s been distributed all over by online pirates just after a few days. No content creator would ever choose to be in such a position.


  • The pandemic semester
  • eLearning is here to stay
  • eLearning video piracy problem
  • Onsist protecting eLearning from piracy

The pandemic semester

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional educational system. This has caused the learning sector to receive a lot of investments. Specifically eLearning. 

The pandemic has caused students from schools, colleges and universities to receive their education from virtual classes as well as doing courses online.

Even the adults didn’t sit idle. Stuck in their house, people took on self development and registered themselves to various eLearning courses. 

First, let’s show you the uprising of new online learners. 

In 2020, according to “Coursera added the largest number of new learners, receiving 35 million enrollments between mid-March and end of July.

In an article by “The growth has been pretty staggering,” says Anant Agarwal, founder and CEO of online learning platform edX. 

We saw a 15-fold, not 15%, a 15-fold increase in the number of new learners registering on edX during the month of April 2020. And in fact, for the year through November 2020, compared to the year through November 2019, the number of new registrations on edX went up by 161%.” 

Agarwal credits the increase not only to the number of workers who became unemployed during the pandemic and began taking online classes during their job search but also to the many workers who became increasingly concerned about up-skilling.

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eLearning is here to stay

COVID-19 has changed and strengthened the need for scalable, future-proof eLearning systems. The pandemic has proven there could be global disruptions such as COVID-19 and no one knows when the next disruption to learning will be, so it is important that educators of all kinds stay highly adaptable. 

eLearning does not have to stand alone; it can continue to benefit individuals and organizations by providing them with more ways to learn, connect, and succeed even as in-person learning resumes across the globe. It’s safe to say that the trends above are here to stay.

eLearning video piracy problem

As the number of content increases so does the number of contents being pirated increase.

People are using various tools to download paid content from websites. Not to mention uploading them on YouTube and sharing them through various apps.

According to Dataprot, around 24% of internet bandwidth is used to illegally download or upload copyrighted content online. This also includes a lot of eLearning video content. 

Piracy continues to grow, as pirates find creative ways to download and illegally share content. Park Associates stated that revenue loss due to video piracy can exceed $61 billion in 2020. For 2023, this revenue loss is projected to be around $63 billion. It’s high time you think about e-learning video protection!

But there are solutions to preventing this too. Major ed-tech companies have adopted technologies such as account restriction and DRM video encryption (DRM – Digital Rights Management) to protect their content. 

Onsist protecting eLearning from piracy

Onsist says “Stop losing revenue with eLearning content protection” 

We have a set process through which we can protect your courses online.

Find Shared Courses

Monitor the web for illegal copies of your online courses by using automated search engines and trained specialists.

  • Monitoring Engine

Monitor a database of known eLearning piracy sites 24/7, and find illegal copies of your courses.

  • Trained Specialists

Trained agents will manually look for eLearning videos and tutorials too.

  • Social Media

Specialists will monitor social media such as Youtube for illegally shared tutorials and courses.

Remove Illegal Copies

Illegal copies of your eLearning content will be reported by means of DMCA notices.

  • DMCA Notice

Notices will be sent to infringing sites to get illegal course content removed.

  • Contact Hosting

Hosting providers will be notified of their copyright infringing clients.

  • Search Engine De-Indexing

Infringing search results will be removed from search engines such as Google.

Reap the Results

Illegal video course copies have been removed. Now you can reap the benefits of your eLearning content.

  • Client System

Get daily insights on pirated eLearning courses we have found and have reported.

  • Weekly Reports

Get a weekly report on the amount of infringements we’ve found and removed.

  • Increased Revenue

With illegal options dwindling, people will return to your eLearning site for their courses.

Stop losing your revenue

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