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What Do DMCA Takedown Experts Do?

What Do DMCA Takedown Experts Do?

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The new digital age has made life easier for everyone, including digital pirates and impersonators. People can steal and copy intellectual property – both unintentionally and intentionally. This is especially challenging for brands and creative content creators. The reputation is at stake.

The key to protecting your intellectual property is to know ways to combat copyright and trademark infringement. That’s where you need the help of DMCA takedown experts. Learn how the role of DMCA takedown services.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

DMCA is a 1998 federal law protecting copyright holders from piracy and online theft. So any unauthorized distribution and production of copyrighted work are prohibited unless express approval. DMCA covers movies, text, music, brands, and anything copyrighted.

DMCA Takedown Services

Under the DMCA law, any content creator, including brands, can take down infringed material of their digital content. DMCA takedown experts represent the copyright owner in cases of infringement. Our DMCA takedown services include 24/7 automated monitoring and manual searches undertaken by trained OSINT (open-source intelligence) analysts.

Role of DMCA Takedown Experts

DMCA takedown experts or OSINT trained analysts to serve as a liaison for copyright owners. They have multiple responsibilities such as:

Owner Representation

DMCA takedown experts represent a copyright owner. Their role entails considering the best interest of their client. In case of infringement, they’re responsible for taking immediate action to prevent revenue and reputation loss for the copyright owner.

Manual Research &Analysis

Although technological advancements have made automated monitoring easier, they may sometimes fail. DMCA takedown experts run manual searches when a bot fails to generate concrete results. The manual searches may involve databases, sites, and digital forums that a bot fails to pick up.

Being Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) trained analysts, our DMCA takedown experts run manual searches and analyze results for the clients. Our trained experts look for infringed content on different marketplaces and directories that aren’t accessible by a machine.

Piracy Sites Database

Digital piracy sites and marketplaces such as the deep and dark web are constantly growing. The database expands because new sites continue to pop up. The DMCA takedown experts remain up to date with emerging sites.

DMCA Takedown Notice

As part of DMCA takedown process, the experts send out notices upon finding infringed content of their client. Once a DMCA takedown expert finds digital material on a website, they send a takedown notice.

The notice must meet legal requirements to ensure that copied content is taken down. DMCA takedown experts are well-versed with the legal nuances of the takedown notice. If a service provider (search engine, website operator, web host, or other site operators) or an infringer doesn’t take down copyright content, it can lead to secondary liability.

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At Onsist, our OSINT trained analysts work with lawyers to ensure that takedown notice meets all the legal requirements. We offer 24/7 automated monitoring along with manual search. We offer these services to entertainment, literary, music, individuals, and software content creators. Sign up for our DMCA takedown services for efficient and quick removal of infringed content.

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