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What Are The Advantages Of Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions?

What Are The Advantages Of Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions?

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It’s no secret that most people enjoy a good deal, and they’re ready to sacrifice quality to get one. However, these purchasing shortcuts can have long-term consequences for the brand image, the prestige of a company’s product, and the community.

The amount of counterfeiting is staggering. It has been estimated that the global worth of counterfeiting had exceeded 1.2 trillion dollars, as per Research and Markets. According to the report’s findings, counterfeiting would expand to a $2.81 trillion sector by 2022 if current trends continue.

That’s why the need for anti-counterfeiting solutions services is on the rise, just like this crime. Let’s look at and see how these solutions can help in their quest to tackle counterfeiting.

1. Prevents Loss Of Revenue

The heart and soul of any company are its sales and profit margins. The total sales a firm has made in a given period determine its success as an enterprise. The health of a corporation can be gauged by the number of sales it makes and vice versa. However, the sale of counterfeit goods can negatively affect the company’s financial state.

If left uncontrolled, it has the potential to bring the company to its knees. A company’s ability to track down the source of counterfeit goods is hampered by the fact that the product is sold in a variety of locations. That’s why such solutions and services provided by anti-piracy companies are quite effective.

2. Prevents Brand Image From Deteriorating

It’s no surprise that the selling of counterfeits results in a degraded reputation for the company and its products. Fake goods sold at a low price create a misleading impression among buyers about the integrity of the product as well as the brand. As they have no idea they’re buying a knockoff; many unsuspecting customers mistakenly believe they’ve purchased the real deal.

3. It Can Prevent The Deterioration Of A Business Relation

Counterfeiters’ impact extends far beyond consumer interactions. Falsifiers’ acts erode the confidence of real enterprises’ distributors, retailers, and other partners. Many businesses assume that distributors or retailers are taking advantage of them when they find a product listed at a lower price on an internet platform after they’ve agreed on pricing.

Having exclusivity agreements in place can make this much worse; a distributor who has sole rights to distribute in a territory would feel deceived if it appears that the company itself is directly competing with them. Relationships formed over several years of mutual trust and collaboration can be gravely harmed.

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In the past few years, producers have done all they can to combat the proliferation of counterfeit goods, but little advancement has been achieved in this regard. The situation has worsened as a result of the additional expenditures associated with combatting counterfeits. However, with the use of technology, this problem can be taken on head-on. Anyone in need of anti-counterfeiting solutions and services should check out Onsist.

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