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Ways to Combat Common Brand Impersonation Attacks

Ways to Combat Common Brand Impersonation Attacks

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One of the most common ways attackers try to deceive victims into handing over personal information is by impersonating an established brand. For most brand-impersonation attacks, scammers attempt to mimic a well-known corporation or a popular business application via email. An attacker’s primary goal is obtaining the recipient’s passwords or clicking on a harmful link.

That’s why companies should always be on the look for brand impersonators. Let’s take a look at some ways brands can prevent impersonation attacks.

Rigorous Monitoring

Company discussions and interactions can be monitored using online monitoring solutions. Keep an eye out for and report any accounts that appear to be mimicking your brand on social media platforms. Maintain a record of who has accessibility to your company’s social media pages. When setting a password for your social media handles, use unique characters and words, so it’s hard for impersonators to get in.

Also, make sure to change your passwords when any of your employees leave.

Make Use Of DMARC

Safeguard your company image and domain from impersonating and cyber-attacks with the help of DMARC authentication. If you use DMARC for email, you’ll be able to see who is posting messages using your domains and decline or report any messages that appear odd. Lastly, reply promptly if a client complains about fraudsters infringing your brand.

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Verify Your Social Media Handles

Validating your social networking channels is a perfect way to start before looking for impersonators of your business. This will help to ensure that your customers aren’t taken advantage of. Verification badges are available on almost all popular social media platforms. Using this method is a good way to communicate to customers whose accounts they can trust.

Identifying fake social media accounts is easy if you know where to check for a URL pointing to the infringer’s online marketplace in the profile’s description. False social media profiles are typically set up solely to promote themselves or serve as a foundation for other content. Getting to the root of the problem is much easier if you look a little deeper.

Get A Reliable Solution

If you don’t have a system in place that employs AI technology to identify and prevent these types of assaults, you’ll be vulnerable. Your organization should implement solutions that evaluate conventional patterns of interaction in your organization. This makes it possible for the solution to detect irregularities that can point to a cyber-attack.

Looking For Solutions To Prevent Brand Impersonation?

Companies and their stakeholders face financial and reputational hazards when someone impersonates them. Internal security teams cannot handle the sheer number and complexity of threats on their own. That’s why Onsist offers brand protection solutions that can help companies and brands fight this issue effectively.

We are an anti-piracy company that offers anti-piracy services, deep web monitoring solutions, and brand protection solutions. Contact us and learn more about how we can keep your brand protected from impersonators.

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