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The Immortality Of Cowboy Bebop

The life-changing anime series Cowboy Bebop hits Netflix this week with it’s live action adaptation. Though reviews are mixed, it doesn’t take away the fact the Cowboy Bebop is a timeless anime series. Let’s take a look back at the secret of Cowboy Bebop’s immortality.


  • The main cast
  • The animation of Cowboy Bebop
  • Episodic and plot driven episodes
  • The soundtrack
  • The themes are relevant even today

The main cast

Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Jet Black, and Ed, in particular, each have distinct characteristics that make them feel distinct.

The characters all have a sad backstory behind each of them except Ed. Spikes past as a member of the Red Dragon Syndicate still haunts him, Jets previous life as a cop who lost his arm in a case has scarred his insides more and Faye Valentine doesn’t even remember her past as she was cryogenically frozen.

The anime truly depicts how ‘Life Happened’ to each of the cast members except Ed who still didn’t reach that age. That, whether they intended it or not, makes them kindred spirits in certain ways.

The animation of Cowboy Bebop

They don’t make animations like this anymore. Because this is a series that first aired in 1998, this is an especially noteworthy achievement for the anime medium. Even now, the animation quality of the series stands up very well.

While there are undoubtedly more remarkable examples of incredible efforts in animation, Cowboy Bebop does not disappoint and evokes a nostalgic sensation with its now-vintage art style and overall appearance. 

As one might imagine, there are several action moments in some form or another, and the animation gives a solid basis for these scenes to last even after all these years.

Episodic and plot driven episodes

The show focused more on the crew’s daily lives than anything else. This allowed the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper level. The audience gets a glimpse into what makes each character tick, as well as their strengths and faults.

Cowboy Bebop’s usage of many genres and successfully blending them together is one of the show’s best qualities, and there are many. If you’re still not convinced, there’s a good chance it’ll cover at least one genre you’ll appreciate. It’s a mix of science fiction, western, and neo-noir.

The soundtrack of Cowboy Bebop

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Yoko Kanno, the genius behind Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack. 

Scores and soundtracks are used in the TV and film industry to define the mood, tone, and emphasize emotion, among other things.

Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack is fantastic at all of these things, brilliantly conveying the anime’s trendy and cool vibes with its strongly jazz-inspired soundtrack, with the opening being a superb example.

Tank!, the opening theme of Cowboy Bebop is still regarded as one of the greatest anime openings of all time, as well as the ending theme, Real Folk Blues. 

Also have a listen to the soundtrack Space Lion. You’ll surely be lost in space. 

The themes are relevant even today

Bebop is set in the far future of 2071, yet despite the fact that we are now more than 50 years later and 20 years since it first broadcast, it has a clear timeless quality. 

Even after constructing a powerful group plot, each character is put to the test by a series of trials and tribulations. It serves as a stark reminder that, even with the love and support of others, there are times in life when you must confront challenges alone.

The series features large acts of terrorism, warring populations, and space exploration, drawing comparisons to concerns like as ISIS, which sprang from the Iraq conflict, and NASA and SpaceX’s ongoing efforts to put people on Mars in the future.

 Other memorable inclusions highlight the internet’s terrifying reach or the importance of natural calamities. Aside from the setting, which is eerily similar to our world and society’s atmosphere, Cowboy Bebop’s genuine everlasting teachings are drawn from that profound degree of humanity that stays with you for years after you see it.

Where can we watch Cowboy Bebop

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