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Telegram is the “New Dark Web” for cybercriminals trading data, according to a new study.

Telegram is the “New Dark Web” for cybercriminals trading data, according to a new study.

Telegram, an instant messaging app, has become a hub for cybercriminals wanting to sell stolen data.

Telegram has become a hub of hackers and cybercriminals trying to trade stolen data, according to a joint study by The Financial Times and cyber intelligence firm Cyberint.

According to the study, the instant messaging platform has emerged as a viable alternative to the renowned dark web.

Also, a burgeoning network of hackers is selling, buying, and exchanging leaked data on Telegram, in public channels with tens of thousands of subscribers.

“We have recently been witnessing a 100 percent-plus rise in Telegram usage by cybercriminals,” said Tal Samra, a cyber threat analyst at Cyberint was quoted as saying by Financial Times.

In the last year, the amount of uses of hacker jargon like “Email:pass” and “Combo,” which refer to abstracted email IDs and passwords, has surged fourfold.

Leaked data includes credit card numbers, copies of personal papers such as passports and credentials for internet platforms such as Netflix have also been swapped on Telegram channels, according to the Financial Times.

Telegram, which includes an encrypted chat service, is a more suitable venue for fraudulent operations than the dark web because of its simplicity of use.

Earlier this year, Telegram saw a boom in user numbers as a result of widespread dissatisfaction with WhatsApp’s privacy policy changes, prompting many to look for alternatives.

Telegram currently has over 5 million active users, according to SensorTower data.

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