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Spider-Man: No Way Home, Say No To Piracy

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Say No To Piracy

The film Spider-Man: No Way Home is slated to hit theaters this week, and Marvel fans are eager to see it. Everyone is enthusiastic about the film because of the excitement around it.

The anticipation of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Clearly the most anticipated movie of 2021, Spider-Man: No way Home is going to be soul center of online piracy. 

The movie is drawing so much hype and buzz because of the multiverse theory finally entering the big screens of the MCU. 

We have already seen in the trailers of the arrivals of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, Willian Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman and Rhys Ifan’s Lizard appearing from previous iterations of Spiderman Movies. 

This holds infinite possibilities on what could happen in Spiderman: No Way Home, which also means online pirates will be ready to leak the movie as soon as the premier happens.

What to do to avoid leaks of Spider-man: No Way Home

There is no doubt social media will be one of the biggest targets of the movie leaks so it’ll be a very good idea to steer clear of them if you want to see the movie without getting spoiled. YouTube, Twitter and Reddit should be the most obvious one’s to avoid before watching the movie of course

Also it would be a request to not download pirated versions of the movies from piracy sites. A once in a lifetime experience like this should only be enjoyed at the theaters. 

Spiderman: No Way Home says no to online piracy

Before the movie premiers, the main cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home announced in a video to stay away from spoilers or sharing them. 

Leaking clips of the movie is a part of online piracy and there is no doubt they will be taken down as soon as possible.

Let’s not forget how much millions of fans around the world waited for this movie to come out. It will be a crime to spoil them before they can see the movie in theaters. 

Spiderman: No Way Home may finally bring people back to theaters

Even after the covid restrictions have been lifted off people haven’t fully went back to the theaters but Piderman: No Way Home may change that.

With all the tickets’ websites crashing it is sure to become the highest grossing movie after the post covid era. This might fully launch the fans coming back to theaters. 

So it is very important that we protect this movie from online piracy as getting fans back to theaters is very important right now for the entertainment industry.

How Onsist deals with online piracy

Onsist says “Stop losing revenue with anti-piracy protection” 

We have a set process through which we can protect your content online.

1. Find Shared Courses

Monitor the web for illegal copies of your contents by using automated search engines and trained specialists.

  • Monitoring Engine

Monitor a database of known piracy sites 24/7, and find illegal copies of your contents.

  • Trained Specialists

Trained agents will manually look for contents too.

  • Social Media

Specialists will monitor social media such as Youtube for illegally shared contents.

2. Remove Illegal Copies

Illegal copies of your contents will be reported by means of DMCA notices.

  • DMCA Notice

Notices will be sent to infringing sites to get illegal contents removed.

  • Contact Hosting

Hosting providers will be notified of their copyright infringing clients.

  • Search Engine De-Indexing

Infringing search results will be removed from search engines such as Google.

3. Reap the Results

Illegal copies have been removed. Now you can reap the benefits of your contents.

  • Client System

Get daily insights on pirated contents we have found and have reported.

  • Weekly Reports

Get a weekly report on the amount of infringements we’ve found and removed.

  • Increased Revenue

With illegal options dwindling, people will return to your contents.

Stop losing your revenue

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