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Personal Data Solutions 101: A Complete Guide

Personal Data Solutions 101: A Complete Guide

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Data protection is the biggest concern in today’s turbulent times. Businesses and individuals alike are at risk of losing their personal information and sensitive data to cybercriminals. Hacking and phishing are at a record high.

The deep and dark web is home to these illicit activities, but security concerns go beyond that. Your personal information such as credit card details, login credentials, and employees’ sensitive data can be subject to planned threats.

Knowing about personal data breaches is the first step to setting up a data protection solution for yourself. Here’s what you should know about personal data solutions and how we protect you against these threats.

Data Protection

Data protection is not akin to data privacy. The latter describes who has access to your personal information, whereas data protection includes policies and tools to restrict access to your data. Under data protection regulations, businesses are responsible for protecting users’ privacy through data protection solutions.

It’s a broad term that applies to login credentials, financial data, health information and any other personally identifiable information. Data protection is an essential tool for businesses, financial institutes and any other organization that gathers user data. You can prevent data breaches and maintain your reputation with data protection solutions.

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Need for Personal Data Protection

Data protection comprises processes and strategies that you can use to secure your privacy, integrity, and data availability. Essentially, you’re securing your personal information. Whether you’re an individual or a business organization, you need to protect information that you collect, handle and store. The more effective your data protection solutions are, the more effectively you can prevent theft, corruption, cyber risk and data loss. Ultimately, you minimize the damages caused.

Data protection regulations are put in place for that very reason. They regulate how data is transmitted, collected or used. Your bank account details, email addresses, credit card information, and login details can be subject to cyber threats. Data protection assures that businesses comply with data privacy.

Impersonation Issues

Despite the extensive data protection and privacy regulations in place, people are often subject to targeted attacks, phishing or whaling. Impersonation attacks are fraudulent attacks by cybercriminals. These individuals or groups pose as trusted people to steal sensitive information or money from a user or company.

Their goal is to make money off stolen data or use it for illicit activities. Deep and dark web marketplaces and forums are full of impersonators leaking corporate or executive data and sharing it on these illegitimate forums to make money or affect their reputation.

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Impersonation Protection

Impersonation protection is an advanced security solution to protect employees, executives and organizations against targeted threat attacks via email, phishing or whaling. Cybercriminals have up-skilled and use advanced techniques to break into systems and steal sensitive data. You also need to be proactive in your efforts to protect personal data.

At Onsist, we offer impersonation protection. You can up your cyber security with our data protection solutions. We offer executive protection services to identify threats against executives, brands and any digital risk involved. We also monitor the deep and dark web for data breaches, weak security points, phishing scams, foreign security threats and threat actors.

Our cyber security solutions also involve monitoring hidden marketplaces, disasters and public crises, facilities securities, radicalization, hate speech, illicit forums and active threats against your employees or business. As an online brand protection services provider, Onsist is committed to providing a holistic solution against data breaches and security threats.

How Do Our Personal Data Protection Solutions Work?

Our team of experts scour and monitor the web for online threats in hidden sources. For instance, we monitor illegitimate forums, illegal marketplaces and data breach archives. We start with gathering information about groups who target your executives, brand or business. Once we find compromised data, we take active action to prevent future attacks.

24/7 Monitoring

Our threat intelligence and dark web monitoring services support teams to monitor dark and deep web 24/7. We send risk notifications when data is leaked and bolster your cyber security defenses.

Threat Intelligence Sources

Our experts are exceptionally trained and come from diverse backgrounds. This allows us to monitor different platforms. We gather threat intelligence from dark web browsers, forums and marketplaces, deep web sites such as WhatsApp, Discord, and social media including 8kun, 4chan, Telegram, Gab, Reddit and Pastebin, DeepPaste and leaked data repositories.

Credential Defense

Part of personal data protection solution is to assure that your login details and credentials are not sold on unauthorized, illegal sites. We find and remove any illegally sold or used login credentials on deep and dark web marketplaces.

Your brand and executives need credential defense against cybercriminals to assure continuous operations, increased sales and brand protection. With effective credential defense in place, you can gain and sustain control over your data and how you wish it to be used and distributed.

Financial Fraud

Perhaps the biggest risk of data breaches is unauthorized users stealing data for monetary gains. Cybercriminals use bank emails and templates to scam individuals. They use phishing practices for financial fraud. Many also leak customer data such as passwords, profiles and emails or IIN/BIN for fraudulent activities.

Your brand may lose customer trust and eventually revenue streams due to the illicit activities of scammers and cybercriminals. With personal data protection, you can maintain your client base and assure that their data is not compromised.

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Render Our Personal Data Protection Services

Now that you know the importance of personal data protection and how our solutions protect your brand from data breaches, it’s time to act. At Onsist, we take pride in being the most trusted online brand protection services provider of over 700 brands.

Our threat intelligence services are a complete package to keep scammers and unauthorized users from stealing users’ personal information and avoid financial fraud. We monitor the deep and dark web and notify you when sensitive data is leaked.

Apart from personal data protection, we also offer anti-piracy services, anti-counterfeiting services, copyright protection services and DMCA takedown services. Our goal is to support brands and content creators so that their intellectual property is protected. Request a free demo or reach out to us for executive protection services.

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