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Morocco Sports Piracy Ring Shut Down

Morocco Sports Piracy Ring Shut Down

Morocco Sports Piracy Ring Shut Down

Morocco major sports piracy ring has been shut down by ACE (The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment).

Morocco’s major sports piracy

Just before the Qatar World Cup 2022 started ACE (The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) confirmed that one of the biggest sports piracy rings of Morocco has been shut down. The domains in question are and Both these domains used to broadcast live sports free of charge. and garnered 20.6 million monthly visits in October 2022 alone which meant sports piracy could’ve risen to millions during the World Cup. Specially at present when Morocco is in the semi-finals of the World Cup.

THe piracy ring mostly pirated contents from beIN SPORTS. beIN SPORTS joined ACE in April 2022. Their support for this movement was vital for ACE. 

ACE and BeIN Sports sends their message in Morocco Sporst Piracy

Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Global Content Protection Chief for the Motion Picture Association and Head of ACE stated “The successful ACE action in Morocco is a direct result of our enhanced focus on the growing threat that live sports piracy poses to consumers, sports leagues and their fans, working with our member, beIN SPORTS, we have sent a clear message to piracy operators around the world, including anyone planning to steal content from the upcoming World Cup games, that we will find you and shut you down.

beIN spokesperson added “With just days to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, we are delighted with the most recent shutdown of illegal broadcast websites in Morocco, we are grateful to our partners at ACE for facilitating this important anti-piracy activity, which safeguards our consumers in Morocco, ensuring they are not subject to harmful illegal streaming.

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