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Intellectual Property Protection Solutions: Functions And Benefits

Intellectual Property Protection Solutions: Functions And Benefits

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Piracy, theft and unauthorized use of inventions is not a new phenomenon. It’s amazing when you come up with a new idea, write a book or make a breakthrough in science. Your first thought may be to share it with the world.

But before you do that, consider the consequences too. Many times your years’ worth of hard work doesn’t get the due credit because someone else misuses it. You need to protect your digital content, creative art, music, software and books from cybercriminals.

Intellectual property rules are there to offer protection from cyber-goons. Read this review on intellectual property protection solutions and their benefits.

Intellectual Property Rights: Hall Pass To Sue Infringement

The rise in piracy, counterfeiting, impersonation and cybercrime, in general, paved the way for intellectual property regulations. Intellectual property rights entitle content creators/owners to protect their creations such as music, software, e-book, product and other intangible assets.

These rights give an exclusive right to creators. Intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights enable people to make money off their inventions. In case of infringement, they can file a lawsuit against someone for the illicit use of their creation without authorization.

This means anyone who uses your invention or content without your permission can be subject to legal action. Unless you authorize someone, they’re not entitled to copy, share, distribute or use your content.

Simply put, intellectual property is the product of creativity. Even if brands are operating in the same market, their trademark, brand image, way of working, packaging and other operations are unique. You need to protect your intellectual property by differentiating your brand from competitors.

Purpose of Intellectual Property Protection

The sole purpose of intellectual property regulations is to encourage a variety of intellectual products and content. The law gives property rights to businesses and creative individuals for some time. It also offers protection on their investment and time spent on developing intellectual property.

So intellectual property solution is important for every organization or individual. Once they protect their invention, they can commercialize it and earn money. Surprisingly, many businesses don’t know how many aspects of their intangible assets they can protect by exercising intellectual property rights.

Classification of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights law protects your intangible assets in the following ways:

  • Copyrights: copyrights, often interchangeably confused with patents, protect the original work of authorship. This includes art, music, literary work and more. Presently, copyrights also protect architecture and software. Once you create something, you’re automatically entitled to copyright protection. In case of infringement, you can file a lawsuit, but registration is necessary for that matter.
  • Patents: patents are limited-duration protection to protect discoveries, inventions or any innovation. For instance, the composition of matter, new process, machine or article of manufacture. If you own a patent, others can use, sell or share it.
  • Trademarks: Copyrights protect creations and ideas; patents protect discoveries and inventions while trademarks protect symbols, phrases or words. For instance, Nike’s symbol and tagline are easily distinguishable and identifiable. It’s their trademark, and others can’t use it.
  • Trade Secrets: Trade secrets include private and specific information relevant to a business. They give a competitive edge to a business in the market. For instance, KFC’s fried chicken recipe or Coke’s beverage syrup is their trade secret. They also include processes, marketing strategies and software.
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Benefits of Intellectual Property Protection

Here’s how intellectual property protection benefits you.

1. Earn Income

Intellectual property can turn any invention into products or services for commercial use. When you commercialize your creation, you can earn profits from it. The intellectual property itself isn’t worth it because they’re only intangible ideas and innovation. You need to register them to make money. Copyright and patent registration results in the stream of cash flows and income to boost the overall market.

2. Secure Ideas

The biggest benefit of intellectual property protection is to ensure only you have the right to use the ideas. It protects your invention, and you can grow your business without having to fear infringement.

The market is filled with cybercriminals who are ready to copy an idea, invention, digital content and products any chance they get. In the absence of intellectual property protection, you give them a free pass to copy and make money from your creation.

3. Competitive Edge

Brands can particularly reap this benefit with intellectual property protection. You can gain an edge over your competitors in the market. By registering your intellectual property, you can propel your business and gain a competitive advantage over other market players.

4. Retain Customers

A lot of hard work goes into building a brand. You pick your trademark, logo, marketing communications and design. But it can end up in the wrong hands and lose your customers in the end. With intellectual property protection, you avoid others using your name to lure your customers. Create a brand that customers trust and can vouch for.

5. Raise Capital

Just like your tangible assets, you can also use intellectual property to raise capital. For instance, you can fuel your business growth by raising funds through your patent. You can authorize someone to use and generate funds to support your business.


Get Onsist’s Intellectual Property Protection Solutions

In the absence of effective intellectual property protection, you lose your revenues, customers and reputation. Digital piracy, impersonation, data breaches and counterfeiting are at a record high. Getting unauthorized access to your data, products, and content is easier for cybercriminals.

You can avoid these issues with our online brand protection services. At Onsist, we offer anti-piracy protection, threat intelligence and anti-counterfeiting services. Our experts surf the internet for copied content and products where bots fail.

We’re part of Google’s Trusted Copyright Removal Program and are a proud service provider to over 700 brands. Our anti-counterfeiting engines surf the deep and dark web 24/7, and we offer weekly reports and real-time stats so that any infringed copies of your products and ideas are taken down.

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We report illegal listing, notify you of counterfeit goods and run clean-up searches on Bing, Google and other search engines. Start your online brand protection with the most trusted service provider. Let Onsist take down illicit content and infringed copies with our deep web and dark web monitoring services. Reach out to us today or request a free 15-minute analysis.

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