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How Can a Dark Web Monitoring Service Help with SOC 2 Security?

How Can a Dark Web Monitoring Service Help with SOC 2 Security?

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The internet has become a convenient tool for sharing information. But you can’t limit users who access the internet, and here’s where the problem starts! Different users use the internet for their own purposes. Some are productive, while many are sinister. Data abuse, online fraud, and confidential information leaks are quite rampant. According to the US Federal Trade Commission, 2.2 million reports of online fraud were received in America in 2020.

Organizations around the globe are working to minimize the fraudulent experiences people have online. Online business checklists designed by reputed institutions help businesses work to ensure their site doesn’t abuse, misuse, or reuse clients’ data for personal gains.

What is SOC 2 Security?

SOC 2 security is used to audit whether your website or application handles customer data well. The process has been introduced by AICPA (Association of International Certified Professional Accountants) to ensure the online data dump is secure for use. Each organization can have its customized SOC 2 reports. These reports usually rely on factors like:

  • Availability
  • Quality assurance
  • Consumer privacy
  • Processing integrity
  • Security

It’s better to have an SOC 2 certification to ensure your brand’s reliability and authenticity. You should also be in touch with data protection services to protect your consumer’s data. Our copyright protection services have served over 700 brands. Visit our website to learn about our services.

Read below to learn how dark web monitoring services guarantee full-proof online security:


If you have a dark web monitoring service working for you, they track if a consumer’s personal information or asset details have been disclosed on the dark web. As soon as a leak is detected, dark web monitoring services inform the client to take immediate action. This secures one of the key elements of online data protection: consumer privacy. Without consumer privacy, there’s no way you can have a quality SOC 2 analysis report for your business.


Dark web monitoring services work towards credential defense. They protect your brand name and registration details from illegal and fraudulent elements. It’s different from simply protecting data. Here, it is your brand identity that dark web monitoring services protect. The initiative adds to the security of a site, making it trustworthy for regular consumers.

Dark web scammers often use a brand’s personal details and email address to send emails to random consumers. The service watches out for brand keywords leaked on the dark web. A primary aspect of protecting consumer security is to prevent malicious websites from sending such emails to consumers.

Trusted dark web monitoring services offer their clients efficient brand protection and financial fraud protection services.

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Have Onsist take care of your cyber security issues in the most efficient way. Based in the Netherlands, our company has been in business since 2010. We offer reliable anti-piracy services that ensure there’s no breach of consumer data. Our deep web monitoring services are designed to make online business feasible for vendors. To ensure mobile application security for your app, contact us at +31 (0)85 303 1196 or at +1 650 488 8107 if you’re in the US.

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