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Effective Anti-Counterfeit Strategy for Small Businesses

Effective Anti-Counterfeit Strategy for Small Businesses

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The selling of counterfeit goods, both online and in-person, isn’t unknown to anyone. Nowadays, you can find an inexpensive and illegal copy of almost everything. While high-end brands still earn billions in revenue, counterfeit activities hurt small and medium businesses the most.

From revenue loss to trademark infringement, counterfeiting can cause many problems for small businesses. They don’t have a big enough budget for a robust security plan and not enough experience to tackle such issues promptly. As a professional anti-counterfeit services provider, we have discussed some effective brand protection strategies below.

Be Proactive

Even if you haven’t noticed anything yet, you still need to be on the safe side and be proactive with safety protocols. Most small businesses don’t focus on cyber security until it’s too late. Protecting your brand from the start can prevent many illegal activities that can harm your brand.

Fulfill Legal Requirements

Another initial step in ensuring the protection of your brand and revenue is to fulfill the legal requirements and trademark registration. It can be costly, but consider it the most crucial investment for your business because legal protection can help you file lawsuits, tackle piracy and protect your brand offline and online.

The illegal copies of your products can sell anywhere on the internet, so make sure you’re covering all the countries where your products are sold.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is the hub of all illegal activities; you can’t access or see it like other sites on the internet. Dark web monitoring is another effective strategy to detect and tackle threats, breached data, and fraudulent activities. Learn more about dark web monitoring here.

Complete Business Solution

Invest in a full-fledged brand protection solution from a reliable company like Onsist for a comprehensive security strategy. Our professionals will use their expert tools and experience to look for all the illegal activities so that you can focus on your business. These services include the following services:

· Anti-Piracy Protection

We will protect your digital content, such as videos, music, images, etc., from piracy, so you don’t lose your revenue to pirates.

· Anti-Counterfeiting

We have access to the database of the online marketplaces where our experts look for counterfeit products to report and takedown.

· Threat Intelligence

We enhance your cyber security with our threat intelligence solutions. From monitoring the deep and dark web to reporting financial fraud, our experts offer all the services so you know what people are sharing about your brand on the web.

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Onsist is a Brand Protection Solutions company offering a wide range of services to secure your digital content and products. We have protected over 700+ brands and helped them retain their revenue, customers and reputation. Whether you need copyright protection or DMCA takedown experts, we will take care of everything. Contact us to get started.  

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