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E-Learning Videos Privacy & Protection

E-Learning Videos Privacy & Protection

The E-Learning market is set to reach $325 Billion in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 9.23% in 2020.( This is due to the success of eLearning in 2020 for mainly two reasons: one is of course the pandemic. The second reason would be that self development towards a tech-first future is becoming the norm.

Piracy of E-Learning videos

Torrent has been a long source for the pirate to enjoy free content. Lately, this has changed to an extent. Even though torrent is still being used, modern-day pirates keep finding new ways to loot premium video content. Some of which were completely unheard of before. It’s not just about illegal copying of files, but also unauthorized “access”.” (

Downloading content: Online video piracy causes the most loss to the elearning video companies. Online pirates boost up the ad revenue on their pirate websites with popular elearning videos and resellers take less than half of the money offered by the elearning company all for themselves.

Sharing passwords/credentials: We can’t help but share passwords with our nearest and dearest ones. This actually results in losses for the eLearning video companies. Also password sharing can unwittingly hand online pirates with the eLearning videos which they will share to almost all online piracy sites.

Screen Recording: This may result in bad quality elearning videos being downloaded but the online pirates don’t care and neither does the consumer who consumes pirated content online. Bad quality or not, this method also results in losses for eLearning companies.

Password theft: Hackers these days are not only after you email accounts or social media accounts. ELearning course passwords are also a target for them. This way they can access your eLearning accounts and download the videos illegally.

Benefits of protecting E-Learning videos

Growth of revenue: If your revenue is good whilst your eLearning videos are being pirated, think of the growth if you stop your videos from being illegally shared. Also the losses your eLearning videos are incurring can be stopped by protecting your contents.

More quality content: By protecting your eLearning videos you are also protecting your content creators. This will help motivate your content creators to make more quality E-Learning videos. 

Rightful users won’t feel cheated: Imagine this common scenario – You paid for a very popular E-Learning video which has helped boost your skills and the next day you see your friend do the same for free. This will make the users of the eLearning video company feel cheated on, and can stop them from ordering new courses from your platform.

Block unwanted views: Some elearning videos are made for a specific group of people only, for example online security courses. Protecting your courses will ensure that the videos reach the right audience.

Considering the above points, it’s very important to protect your E-Learning videos for growth and the relationship with your students.

How Onsist helps In E-Learning video protection

Onsist says “Stop losing revenue with eLearning content protection” 

We have a set process through which we can protect your courses online.

1. Find Shared Courses

Monitor the web for illegal copies of your online courses by using automated search engines and trained specialists.

  • Monitoring Engine

Monitor a database of known eLearning piracy sites 24/7, and find illegal copies of your courses.

  • Trained Specialists

Trained agents will manually look for eLearning videos and tutorials too.

  • Social Media

Specialists will monitor social media such as Youtube for illegally shared tutorials and courses.

2. Remove Illegal Copies

Illegal copies of your eLearning content will be reported by means of DMCA notices.

  • DMCA Notice

Notices will be sent to infringing sites to get illegal course content removed.

  • Contact Hosting

Hosting providers will be notified of their copyright infringing clients.

  • Search Engine De-Indexing

Infringing search results will be removed from search engines such as Google.

3. Reap the Results

Illegal video course copies have been removed. Now you can reap the benefits of your eLearning content.

  • Client System

Get daily insights on pirated eLearning courses we have found and have reported.

  • Weekly Reports

Get a weekly report on the amount of infringements we’ve found and removed.

  • Increased Revenue

With illegal options dwindling, people will return to your eLearning site for their courses.

Stop losing your revenue

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Want to read more?