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Cybercrime Services Selling For Less Than $500 On Dark Web

Cybercrime Services Selling For Less Than $500 On Dark Web

One of the prime reasons cybercrime products and services are sought out on the dark web is because they are often sold at bargain prices. “A ransomware kit costs as little as $66, though it needs to be modified, while a spearphishing attack can run as low as $100”, says Altas VPN.

Cybercrime has been making profit through attackers who specialize in ransomware, phishing campaigns and other types of attacks. As mentioned earlier, the products and services of cybercrime are often sold at bargain prices on the dark web, making the profit margins very “healthy”.

VPN provider Atlas VPN has worked on a new report by looking at the going rates for everything from spearphishing attacks to ransomware kits to stolen account credentials. Researching on data from Microsoft, Atlas VPN discovered data on different types of cyberattacks.

  • Spearphishing Attacks – The cost of a spearphishing attack might range from $100 to $1,000. These attacks differ from standard phishing efforts in that they are directed at a specific person or organization. As a result, spearphishing communications are more likely to catch victims than more generic bulk messages.
  • Ransomware Attacks – For as little as $66 you can get a single kit. However, at that price, the buyer will almost always have to alter the kit for the attack in mind. Ransomware kits and attacks differ according on the level of security protection they must overcome.
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks – Distributed Denial of Service attacks are one of the most popular kinds of attacks since they’re designed to overwhelm a website with traffic to the point where it can’t react to requests from real users. For as long as a month, Dark Web criminals charge approximately $311 to launch a sustained stream of DDoS attacks against a certain website.
  • Stolen account credentials – Stolen account credentials can be purchased for as little as 97 cents per 1,000. With so many data breaches occurring on a regular basis, stolen usernames and passwords are plentiful, and prices are low. Buyers, on the other hand, should exercise caution. Because many victims may have previously changed their passwords, especially if the breach is old, most merchants do not guarantee that the credentials will work. After obtaining a set of credentials, hackers frequently employ automated programs to test the stolen login and password combinations across a variety of websites.

How Onsist deals with cybercrime

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor and look for online threats that are hiding in hidden sources such as data breach archives, illegitimate and illegal forums, and dark web marketplaces. Onsist can help you as a threat intelligence provider.

  • Find out about groups that are targeting your brand, business or executive
  • Be there when compromising data get leaked, take action and prevent future attacks

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