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Can Webtoon publishers take action against illegal online piracy?

Can Webtoon publishers take action against illegal online piracy?

Major South Korean webtoon producers have created a union to fight illicit internet piracy and defend copyrights and digital material.

Web cartoons, also known as webtoons or webcomics, are digital comic books that are designed to be seen on the web or on mobile devices. Webtoons originated in South Korea, which has a market of one trillion won ($874 million). East Asia is a big fan of South Korean digital comic books.

On October 15, 2020 six webtoon publishers –

Naver Webtoon

Kakao Page 

Lezhin Entertainment 

Ridi Corp 



All announced the formation of a union to combat illegally downloaded webtoon material in a joint statement.

Webtoon publishers now provide either free or paid material. Free episodes are supplied to readers on a weekly basis, but they must pay to acquire access to new episodes. 

Advertisements on piracy websites provide revenue for the services. For full access to stolen content, some webtoon pirates demand subscription payments. There are 258 online webtoon content thieves, according to Webtoon Guide, a webtoon industry research business.

According to the webtoon content union, it monitors 77 internet pirate providers in order to collect proof of copyright violations and pursue legal action. The union stated that it will educate webtoon readers about stolen content.

Onsist battles South Korean Webtoon Online Piracy

One of the best ways to counter Digital Media Piracy is to enlist the help of Online Piracy agencies such as Onsist. Onsist has been battling online piracy for the last decade. 

Here is how Onsist has protected Lezhin Comics from South Korean online piracy.

Stop Losing Your Revenue to Piracy’ has always been the motto of Onsist, using advanced automated tools to report and takedown illegal online videos such as popular movies or tv series, helping streamers to go back to the source of the contents. 

The vision of Onsist has always been to protect brands from all over the world against online theft and piracy. Onsist wants people not to fear losing their content to pirates, counterfeiters and other digital threats. 

Onsist finds and removes illegal copies of your content and protects your revenue with anti-piracy protection.

Find Infringements

Find pirated content in three ways

  • Monitoring Engines

Anti-Piracy Engines that will crawl the web for infringements 24/7

  • Piracy Database

A database of scraped piracy sites for easy content detection

  • Trained Experts

Experts to manually reach places a bot cannot

Remove Them

Report and remove content when it’s found

  • Send Out Notices

Illegal content is reported to the infringing sites

  • Contact hosting

Hosting providers will be notified of infringements

  • Clean up search engines

Google, Bing, and other search engines will be cleaned

Report The Results

Get notified of findings and removals

  • Live Statistics

Get live feedback on found and reported infringements

  • Detailed Results

Check out the status of each and every URL that’s found

  • Weekly Reports

Receive weekly reports on what’s been found and removed

Stop losing your revenue

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