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Belarus Legalizes DIgital Piracy

Just like we talked about Russia legalizing digital piracy, Belarus has now joined forces with them. In a mirror move Belarus has also legalized digital piracy against countries they deem as “unfriendly”.

Belarus legalizes digital piracy

Belarus has legalized digital piracy against countries which to their point of view is ‘unfriendly’. In the war against Ukraine, Belarus has sided with Russia.

Following the same policy Belarus are now refraining themselves from taking down any pirated content that is affiliated with countries that have sided with Ukraine.

The Russian editorial office of Deutsche Welle said that the new rule permits the use of digital materials without the permission of foreign copyright holders. Digital piracy of movies, music, TV shows and computer software from “unfriendly countries” is now legal under the new rule.

Belarusian dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka on January 3 signed the new law. According to it, “importing goods without the sanction of the copyright owner is not considered a crime and it is enough for the goods to be included in the list of “essential” for the domestic market”.

This also allows the Belarusian authorities can seize money, assets and property rights of foreign citizens and companies for “unfriendly actions”

Onsist trying all methods to takedown online piracy 

Although Russian illegal websites are harder to take down on search engines at the moment. Onsist is trying all the methods to ensure online piracy doesn’t take place.

Onsist looks for download links and tries taking them down. So it won’t matter if the results appear in the search engine as the audience won’t be able to download it.

Onsist will also report to the hosting provider of the website to take down the pages hosting online piracy. 

Onsist performs search in every search engine to find out and take down online piracy.

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