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A Comprehensive Guide to Dark Web Monitoring Services

A Comprehensive Guide to Dark Web Monitoring Services

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Back in the day, data wasn’t as protected as it is now. The incredible capacity of online archives to save millions of users’ data is indicative of 21st-century technological advancement.

More development occurred within the field when numerous businesses shifted online due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you observe, you’ll notice an average consumer can’t access the internet without having an ID. The ID works as your consumer identification for all online activities. Your ID’s information includes your name, age, gender, location, and email. When you make a purchase online, you also give your bank account details and credit card number. This information is highly confidential; you don’t want your credit card number to be used or abused by unknown elements.

Online sites must protect the confidential information you share with them so that bank fraud or financial information frauds can’t occur. It’s efficient for a business to have a dark web monitoring service work with them. Onsist offers quality dark web services at the best pricing. Explore our website to learn about our services.

Understanding the Dark Web

Cyberspace, or simply the web, can be divided into three distinct parts:

  • The surface web
  • The deep web
  • The dark web

The surface web includes all sites registered at online databases and search engines. Standard search engines like Google and Bing can easily access these sites. These registered websites are in billions.

It’s the deep web that contains private databases and unregistered sites. Regular search engines can’t access them.

The dark web comes under the umbrella of the deep web. This part of the internet requires special software and authorization access.

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Dark Web Software

Some of the most frequently used software to access the dark web include:

  • Tor
  • Freenet
  • Riffle

These software are completely legal to use.

Dark Web Monitoring Services

The dark web is a breeding ground for unethical activities. From crime and pornography to drugs and weapons, everything is bought and sold on the dark web. Criminal elements on the web can use your information in exploitive ways. To prevent this from happening, dark web monitoring services ensure the data you share on sites is safe and doesn’t contribute to fraud, criminal and unlawful activities.

Onsist is one such company that offers commendable anti-piracy and threat intelligence services. Here’s a list of services elaborating on how dark web monitoring works:

Data Monitoring

A large number of visitors visit your website. Your website asks them for their personal information to improve their user experience. If you charge via cards, the customer also gives their bank account information at your site. Information of such kind should be kept confidential. A breach of personal data can have devastating effects on a company’s image.

Monitoring the dark web involves the following:

Monitoring Dark Web Marketplaces

Search engines are used to monitor personal information circulated in dark web marketplaces. This information can be about your brand or the products or assets your brand deals in.

Thorough Improvisation

Tracking information on the dark web requires improvisation. Expert site monitoring services continue to improvise strategies to maximize their data hunt. The process serves the purpose of dark web monitoring to the fullest.

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Leaked Data Intelligence

A standard dark web monitoring service uses keywords to locate your website on the dark web. As soon as an illegal site uses your information, product details, or descriptions from your site, web monitoring services work for their removal.

This way, any leaked data is tracked and removed. Of course, 100% illegal data removal can’t be achieved considering the scope of the world wide web, but a high success rate is often possible in online illegal data removal.

Credential Defense

Your brand accreditation, number of followers, recommendations for the brand all add to its credentials. Stealing a brand’s credentials for lesser-known brands is unethical and fraudulent. It generates consumer leads to qualities a fraudulent service might never have.

A part of dark web monitoring services is to ensure other sites have not labeled the company’s credentials or achievements as their own. Keyword searches play an integral role in credential defense. Dark web monitoring services are quick to notice such information on unauthorized sites. They also ensure continued tracking of illegal sites to avoid future theft of content and credentials.

Preventing Branded Fraud

A brand’s logo and name are a part of its online image. It shouldn’t be reused or abused by unethical brand owners to attract and appeal to customers. This is done through phishing. Branded fraud is a known online practice. Many small and new businesses are abused this way. Government sites release branded fraud prevention directories to make more and more people stay safe on the internet.


It’s a digital assault to copy and use consumer data. Around 600,000 phishing sites are operating globally. Scam websites from the dark web sent messages, emails to consumers online. It’s hard to detect whether these emails are from a non-authentic site. The best that needs to be done when you receive a phishing mail is not to open any attachments the mail might have. If you’ve done so, disconnect your device and back up your files to ensure your data is secure.

Trademark monitoring services prevent servers from using your information, brand details from sending phishing emails. This adds to the credibility of your brand since your brand will not be associated with fraudulent endeavors.

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Timely Notifications

A brand can’t do without timely notifications from dark web monitoring sites about its name and brand being wrongfully used.

Weekly reports submitted by the monitoring service give you a proper context about the information leaks and website removal to protect the brand and consumer data.

Onsist is a deep web monitoring service operating from the Netherlands. Our service has been catering to local and international brands since 2010. We provide anti-piracy and DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown service. We’ve offered brand protection and executive protection services to more than 700 brands. To avail our services free for 14 days, contact us at +31 (0)85 303 1196 or at +1 650 488 8107 in the US.

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