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A Brief Guide to Protecting Your Content Online

A Brief Guide to Protecting Your Content Online

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We live in an era surrounded by digital content. With easy access to the internet and smart devices, people are consuming online content rapidly. Digital content comes in a variety of forms. From Netflix to reading newspapers online, there is a variety of content to choose from.

In saying that, digital content is a lot easier to copy, pirate, and counterfeit. Content creators must spend more time protecting their content from piracy than creating unique ones to satisfy customer demand! As internet usage continues to peak, piracy issues are only increasing, and there is a greater need to create anti-piracy solutions that help protect unique content.

As a content creator, it must be hard to implement effective solutions to protect content online. Therefore, many enlist the help of professional anti-piracy protection services to help them protect their content. Here are some ways to protect your online content and thwart pirates!

Copyright Ownership

Copyright ownership is a robust way to protect your online. However, getting copyright is just the first step. You need to enforce ownership effectively to protect your content. You need to register and display your copyright on the mediums you operate. In the EU, you get your copyright once your content creation is completed. However, copyright laws differ in every country, so check the relevant laws that apply to your work.

Registering your copyright will ensure that you take stern legal action on any counterfeit or pirated content. Furthermore, it is always beneficial to display the © symbol next to your content. Include the publication year and your name on your content posting mediums.

Report Copyright Infringements

Finding copies of your hard work priced and available online can be a frustrating sight. However, it is interesting to note that many marketplaces have copyright protection frameworks that you can report to and protect your content. If you find any pieces of pirated content on the marketplaces that have your original content, you can easily contact their support or copyright department and kickstart the removal process!

DMCA Takedowns

DMCA takedown requests are an efficient way to get rid of fake, duplicated, or pirated content. You can send such requests to different ISPs, search engines, and other websites that exhibit your pirated content. DMCA requests originated in the US. However, most members of the World Intellectual Property Organization consider such requests. If you don’t know how to file a takedown request, it is worth investing in a DMCA takedown service online to help you get rid of pirated content.

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Get Help of An Anti-Piracy Services

If you cannot remove fake content, it is better to get the help of an anti-piracy expert who can help you take down fake content. It’s much more efficient to have a specialist by your side that can help take down pirated content while you focus on other pressing matters of your business. Taking down pirated content can be a hassle and time-consuming, and it is better to leave it in the hand of experts who will devise a strategy to protect your current and future online content.

If you’re on the lookout for comprehensive anti-piracy experts who can help you protect your online content, then check out Onsist. We have more than ten years of experience in protecting digital content. Our experts are well-versed in different domains and can help you build a robust anti-piracy strategy.

We also provide impersonation removal services, Identity Theft Protection Services, data breach monitoring services, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our services or contact us to kickstart your brand protection campaign.

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