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4 Ways To Prevent A Data Breach

4 Ways To Prevent A Data Breach

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A data breach occurs when an individual or group of individuals get access to private and confidential information without proper security measures in place to protect it from unauthorized use. Due to the range of ways that a data breach can occur, you must always be on guard and use various methods to protect your company’s sensitive information.

Let’s take a look at some ways a data breach can be avoided.

1. Limited Access

All of a company’s files were accessible to every employee in the past. Companies these days are finding out the hard way that they must restrict access to their most important data. After all, an employee in the mailroom has no business seeing a customer’s financial information.

When you restrict access to specific files, you reduce the number of people who could mistakenly click on a hazardous link. Companies must extensively classify their records so that only people with a need for them can access them.

2. Increase Security Awareness Among Employees

Employees are the biggest liability in the information security chain, as per recent research. Even though employees have been trained, many continue to read suspicious emails that may contain malware. Employers often mistake thinking that one cybersecurity training class is sufficient. To ensure that your data is safe, organize regular training sessions at least once a quarter or perhaps once every month.

Despite this, it has been reported that employees have left classes, returned to their workstations, and proceeded to open unknown emails without hesitation. Most people, according to marketing studies, require seven exposures to the same message before it has any effect on their behavior.

3. Ensure All Softwares Are Updated

Experts advise that all software, as well as operating systems, must be kept up to date at all times. Whenever a patch is available, install it. When applications aren’t constantly updated and patched, your organization is at risk. With this method, you can protect your network from threats before they even begin.

4. Frequent Audits

If you wish to avoid a data breach in the future, you’ll need to maintain auditing and reevaluating your security measures. Does your company need to implement any new safeguards? In what ways are your staff deviating from the established procedures? Conduct regular audits of your processes.

Data breaches may be costly, time-consuming, and leave a lasting impression on your company’s reputation. A great majority of data breaches, however, can be prevented. You have the best chance of averting most security breaches if you take preemptive measures and train your staff thoroughly.

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Even though the above-mentioned preventive measures are good enough, they still might not be sufficient to keep your organization protected. That’s why you need to get in touch with Onsist for their data breach monitoring services and solutions. We are one of the best anti-piracy companies situated in Europe that offers several brand protection solutions and services.

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