Onsist has a straight-forward method of countering and managing internet piracy. It always gets the job done and sends out a strong warning to pirates and illegal downloaders.

A comprehensive anti-piracy approach works best

Approximately a quarter of internet traffic is attributable to copyright-infringing content. Internet piracy has a history of adapting and evolving to new challenges and business models. This is the age of long-tail piracy, spam and mirrored/multi-uploading. Pirate-friendly sites have many tactics up their sleeves, including presenting a legitimate corporate face to keep law enforcement at bay.

Given the size and scope of internet piracy, it has become critical to implement proactive, all-encompassing measures to protect your brand content.

Simultaneous, across-the-internet monitoring and detection

Our powerful anti-piracy software monitors millions of P2P users across the full length of the internet real estate, including and not limited to:

• File-sharing sites
• Tube sites
• Torrent sites
• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
• Cyberlockers (Rapidgator, Uploaded, etc)
• Blogs
• Auction sites (Ebay, Aliexpress, etc.)
• Warez sites
• File-sharing forums
• Files search engines

Our professionals are laser-beam focused on detecting your stolen content every day. It greatly minimizes the likelihood that some illegally obtained and/or shared content will go under the radar.

Immediate clampdown and unlimited takedowns

Upon detecting infringement, we take quick action to prevent the unauthorized distribution and sale of copyrighted content. The agent handling your account will assess the results, save all the links, and initiate DMCA takedowns to have the infringing content removed. In most cases, the content will be removed within a few hours. A continuous takedown mechanism makes it impossible to download your stolen content and helps safeguard your revenue.

Confirmation of removal and removal reports

We measure the effectiveness of our anti-piracy efforts by monitoring for successful takedowns. The results are communicated to you via weekly reports, which also contain tips, advice, news and information that you will find useful in maintaining the security of your content.

We offer multiple plans, which include search engine piracy solutions and more detailed keywords-based results. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with one of our agents here.

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