The selling of counterfeit products online is big business. Several products are targets for unauthorized duplication, and the risk is too great to ignore. Businesses across niches and scale are increasingly relying on anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect their sales and brand reputation. If you would rather be safe than sorry, our anti-counterfeiting service can be of valuable assistance in addressing duplication and serving as a deterrent to prevent future misuse.

Anti-Counterfeiting by Onsist

Where are counterfeit products sold?

  • Auction sites
  • Online marketplaces
  • Rogue ecommerce websites mimicking legitimate trade channels
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media
  • Blogs


How do the sales of counterfeit products affect your business?

  • They directly take a slice off your revenue. Customers will be buying what they presume to be your products from the counterfeit seller.
  • Counterfeiters can divert traffic away from your site and drive it to rogue sites.They may even indulge in ‘brandjacking’ by creating a replica of your brand website and assuming your online identity.
  • Websites selling counterfeit products may phish for your customers’ bank details and/or identifying information. Like it or not, it’s your brand name that will get bad press, leading to a reputation loss.
  • Affected customers may display the once bitten twice shy syndrome and choose to stay away from your brand for a while.

How does our anti-counterfeiting service work?

Onsist employs a range of anti-counterfeiting measures to ensure that fraudsters don’t have a way with your products and brand name. Our advanced search and anti-counterfeiting technologies get the job done effectively.

  • Monitor auction sites and ecommerce sites for counterfeit products. Constant monitoring enables quick alerts and nips damage in the bud.
  • Perform test purchases and check products for authenticity
  • Takedown infringing advertisements and online webshops
  • Remove infringing search results from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Monitor social media posts/messages leading to rogue ecommerce sites and infringing auction sites
  • We leverage our contacts at Chinese online marketplaces and auction sites to remove counterfeit goods in the shortest possible time. We’re also conituously monitoring the Internet for Chinese copycat ecommerce websites and have them taken down.

Pricing for our anti-counterfeiting service starts at $469 USD per month and is made suitable to the needs of every business. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and how our anti-counterfeiting service can shield you against fraudsters and scamsters.


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