Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Find and remove counterfeit copies of your products
and stop losing revenue with Onsist's Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

How our anti-counterfeiting solution benefits your brand


Increase Sales

Taking down counterfeit and fake product will lead potential customers back to official retailers. Your revenue will return.


Increase Traffic

Counterfeiters can divert traffic away from your shop. By actively taking down product counterfeiting and stores, traffic will increase.


Gain Back Trust

Affected customers may display the once bitten twice shy syndrome after having purchased a fake product. Gain back trust.

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Where do we look for product counterfeiting


Online Marketplaces

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How do our anti-counterfeiting solutions help you?

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Monitoring

Find Counterfeit Goods

Find counterfeit goods in three ways

Remove Listings

Report and remove counterfeits when they’re found

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Removal
Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Reporting Results

Report The Results

Get notified of anti-counterfeiting solution findings

Our Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

For our anti-counterfeiting solutions, we make use of our own unique technology. Onsist uses a combination of web scrapers and trained agents to seek out product counterfeiting.

Brand Protection Solutions Anti Counterfeiting

Stop losing income to product counterfeiting

Stop losing valuable income to counterfeiters, and let us help you take down
illicit products with our anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Will it work for you?


Counterfeit Removal Rate


Google Removal Rate


Brands Protected

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Find and remove illegal copies of your products
and stop losing your revenue.

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