• Anti-Piracy

    We continuously monitor cyberlockers, Tube sites, P2P torrent sites, search engines and Usenet sites for pirated content. Upon detecting infringement, we take quick action to prevent the unauthorized distribution and sale of copyrighted content. By reporting pirated sites to search engines, we also ensure that people searching for your content online are only able to view legal results.

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  • Brand Protection

    Online brand abuse collectively costs businesses billions of dollars each year. Digital piracy, phishing, cybersquatting, brandjacking and pay-per-click fraud can erode your marketing investment, affect brand reputation and lead to a loss of customer trust. Our brand protection services provide proactive defense against fraudulent use of your brand online.

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  • Anti-Counterfeiting

    Monitoring auction and ecommerce sites for counterfeit products, testing products for authenticity, removing infringing advertisements, monitoring social media posts leading to rogue sites, and taking down duplicated products on the Chinese online marketplace are some anti counterfeiting and brand protection strategies we employ.

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    Social Media Monitoring Software

    Manage social networks, monitor your brand, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from our easy-to-use dashboard.


Right now, a rogue site could be selling your counterfeited products. Someone may be swapping your professional photographs without your consent. Your company’s music album or adult videos could be up for sale as DVDs on a Chinese ecommerce site. Piracy is a billion dollar industry and an inescapable reality that needs to be dealt with a firm hand.

Onsist is your third arm helping you manage your digital content smartly, effectively and proactively.

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  • Free Piracy Report

    A piracy report can open your eyes to the extent to which your product, trademark and/or copyright are being violated online. Understand what factors are adversely affecting revenue, and learn about how you can safeguard your business online.

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