• Brand Protection Services

    Our brand protection services provide proactive defense against fraudulent use of your brand online, such as: Digital piracy, phishing, cybersquatting, brandjacking, pay-per-click fraud and many more online threats.

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  • Anti-Piracy Protection

    We continuously monitor cyberlockers, Tube sites, P2P torrent sites, search engines and Usenet sites for pirated content and we take quick action to delete all infringing content with our fast DMCA Takedown Service.

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  • Anti-Counterfeiting

    We monitor auction and ecommerce sites, test products for authenticity, remove infringing ads, monitor social media posts that lead to rogue sites, and take down duplicated products on Chinese online marketplaces.

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  • Mobile App Protection

    We protect your brand from pirated apps, apps that may display trademarks, logos and other proprietary content, apps that are developed to mimic the original, and many other infringements that can damage your brand name.

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  • 99% Removal Rate

    We have a track-record of removing 99% of the downloads we find and report.

  • Piracy Facts

    • As of 2008, it was estimated that over 40% of software installed on personal computers is pirated.
    • The percentage of the internet that is used to download illegal content: 24%.
    • Video-streaming sites generated 4.2 billion pages..
    • In 2016, piracy sites had a total of 191 billion visits.
  • What Clients Say

  • Easy to Use Client Portal

    • Link Counter
      Find out how many illegal content has been found
    • Deleted Content
      See the the amount of pirated content that has been deleted.
    • Keywords
      Add new keywords or delete out-of-date keywords.
    • Invoices
      Easily find out when invoices need to be paid.
    • Piracy Report
      You receive a Piracy Report every week.
    • Search Engine Results
      See how many infringing search results have been reported and deleted.
    • DMCA Takedown Service
      You can report infringing content to us as well and we will delete it.
  • Dmca Takedown Service Onsist

  • Stop Losing Revenue

    Right now, a rogue site could be selling your counterfeited products. Someone may be swapping your professional photographs without your consent. Your company’s music album or adult videos could be up for sale as DVDs on a Chinese ecommerce site. Piracy is a billion dollar industry and an inescapable reality that needs to be dealt with a firm hand.

    Onsist is your third arm helping you manage your digital content smartly, effectively and proactively.

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